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Where To Buy Korean Food

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Online And Retail Grocery Stores  

Shopping online for Korean snacks and drinks has never been easier than it’s right now.  Bulgogi has been added to the Oxford dictionary as well as several K-pop terms.  However, nothing is beating the popularity of Korean movies, dramas, and variety shows. More people than ever are looking for Dalgona Candy and tteokbokki.

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Before you binge-watch your next series on Netflix here are a few retail companies where you can buy Korean food:   


H-mart is a Korean grocery store that offers shoppers a choice of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, frozen items, and snacks.  Depending on your H-mart location there also could be a lunch counter inside the store.  The lunch counter provides several cooked dishes already prepared for a quick grab-and-go purchase.  If you live near Los Angeles you can purchase a variety of different lunch option that includes lunch boxes, kimbap, banchan and so much more.

If you would like more information about H-mart locations, hours, and services check out their website here.

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Hannam Supermarket (Los Angeles)

This is a larger grocery store here in Los Angeles and contains all the ingredients for cooking Korean dishes.  *If it’s your first time visiting an Asian supermarket it might be easier to venture into H-mart because there are slightly fewer people.  Besides the normal staples of Korean refrigerated meals there are also various sizes and brands of kimchi, and places to grab a bite to eat inside the supermarket. Places located inside the Los Angeles supermarket are included below.

Tous Les Jours Bakery

Offering more than three-hundred different types of baked goods. They also offer specialty cakes and sandwiches. Great place to stop in the morning if you’re looking for a sweet pastry and a cup of coffee.

King Tonkatsu  – (Han Nam Chain)

A Korean-style cutlet restaurant that offers fried pork tonkatsu. They prepare a meal combo consisting of meat, rice, and a salad(vegetables).  Their prices range from ten to fifteen dollars for each combo.  *There’s also an option for egg lovers with an omu fried rice combo or chicken and cheese if you don’t eat pork.

If you would like more information about the Hannam Chain, hours, and locations check out their website here.

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Ordering Online has become an almost necessary option since the pandemic.  Amazon has several Korean snacks that you can have delivered straight to your door.  Although they don’t have freshly prepared meals like H-mart or Hannam Supermarket they are the next best option if you don’t have one of these stores in your city.

They have a large assortment of snacks, drinks, and ramen.  There’s nothing like watching a tv, drama or variety show and munching on the same items that you’re seeing advertised.  *If you’re wondering how to make your ramen, or tteokbokki exactly how you see advertised you might also think about purchasing a Korean cookbook.

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Snack Boxes

There are many companies that deliver Korean snack boxes to your door once a month.  If you’ve never tried Koran snacks and you don’t know what to try you can get a monthly subscription service. The great thing about snack boxes is that you can try a variety of snacks and find your favorites.

Snack boxes are also wonderful gifts to send to a friend or family member during the holidays. There are several companies available and each offers its own specialties and rates.

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 

Local Grocery Store

Depending on where you live there may be several products that you can purchase at your local grocery store.  In their snack section you can usually find Choco Pies, Seaweed, spices, a variety of ramen flavors, and even Vegan Kimchi. Check out your local grocery store website/app and search their international food options.  

Retail Corporations

Because of the popularity of Korean food some retail corporations also carry several popular Korean snack, and drink options.  Places like Target and Walmart also have their own assortment of snack options available.  

Final Thoughts

Whatever shopping method you use to buy Korean snack products in today’s economy I believe what matters most is the costs, taste, and delivery options available.

Are there any companies that I missed?  I would love to read your comments down below. 

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