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Vegan Korean Snacks

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Crushed Pear Juice


Coco Palm, Peach Flavor

Pocari Sweat

Brown Rice Green Tea (tea bags)

Maxim Mocha Gold

Maxim Original Black


Barley Tea (tea bags)

Ice Cream

Ice Cool Grape

Tangerine Bar

Strawberry Bar

Plum Bar

Cola Ice Cool Tube

Strawberry and Apple Screw Bar

Jaws Bar


Almonds, Wasabi

Shindong-dong Tteok-bokki (snack)

Mini Honey Yakgwa *Contains Honey*

Peanut Crunch

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Crackers

Vegetable Time Dip

Jolly Pong Cereal

Grape Candy

Potato Flavored Snack

Shin Zzang Black Sesame

Potato Stick

Honey & Apple Twist Snack *Contains Honey*

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