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Travel Tips: How To Avoid Long Lines And Stay Safe On Vacation ​

Travel Tips: On Long Lines And Safety On Vacation

I thought I would share my experience of learning tips and tricks for a safe and picture worthy travel experience.  I gathered these tips and tricks this weekend at the Travel and Adventure Show that was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  One of the best quotes I heard all weekend: “Travel Should Be The Next Best Trip Of Your Life” by Angel Castellanos.

Such a bold statement, usually I only think about completing a must-see checklist that I have compiled to make sure I make the most out of every trip.  So whether you’re planning a trip to South Korea, spring break or summer vacation here are the tips I learned to have a safe and hassle-free trip.


TripIt: A travel organization application

  • Forward confirmation emails from your hotel, car, and flight to the TripIT mobile application.  A master itinerary is automatically formed.
  • Access to your flight plan availability on any device.  Additionally, you can access your itinerary without internet availability.
  • The mobile app is free to download and you can store your travel documents all in one convenient place.

App In The Air: Provides real-time flight status

  • Explore airports all over the world.  Discover where your connecting flight is located within the airport.
  • Keep an all-in-one record for all of your previous flight information.
  • Keep track of changing time zones and weather while you’re traveling.

Transportation Security App: TSA Gov App

  • Check which items are allowed into the airport.
  • Request live assistance through the AskTSA social media integration.
  • Discover which airport and airlines support the TSA Precheck Clear.

The TSA precheck clear is a fairly new process that provides a personalized ticket agent that will meet you at a kiosk and scan your fingerprints.   After your fingerprints have been scanned you’re personally escorted to your flight.  For more information about this new process heck out Angel’s blog post: Clear Membership: The New Way To Beat Airport Lines.


In a previous post, I discussed what it was like to travel to South Korea with two fifty pound bags, a backpack, purse, and a large winter coat.  One tip I learned the hard way “less is more.”  Some tips that were given at the Travel & Adventure Show:

  • Be aware of carry-on weight restrictions.  Check with your airline regarding their latest rules before you pack.
  • Choose one clothing color scheme for your entire trip.  Pack clothes accordingly to the specified color scheme to maximize the number of outfit combinations.
  • Categorize shoes (Women): Choose one pair for an evening occasion, one pair for daytime walking and a pair of flats.

Crime Prevention

No one wants to experience being the victim of a crime whether at home or abroad.  Here are some tips that will help prevent criminals from targeting you as their next victim.

  • Research ground transportation before you arrive at the airport.  Get up to date information on the appropriate taxi and bus applications from the countries tourism website.
  • Be aware of the nearest U.S. embassy address and contact information. (United States Travelers Only)
  • Share travel itinerary with a close family member or friend.  Additionally, share your itinerary with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  • Wear an undercover security wallet or travel belt.  Additionally, don’t keep all of your money in one location (i.e. hotel safe, travel belt, backpack).
  • On the first full day of travel, hire a local guide to assist you with a personalized tour and transportation.

Travel Photos & Videos

With today’s technology, we can share photos and videos instantaneously anywhere in the world.  Here are a few helpful tips for obtaining the best Instagram moments on your next vacation.

  • Photo vs. Video.  A picture tells a screenshot of a story while a video lets your family and friends experience the excitement and magic of the moment.
  • Bring backup power supplies and phone chargers.  Pack all electronics in a personal bag in case the bag gets screened at airport security.
  • Never download your memory card directly onto your computer.  Helpful tip: take the memory card out of your camera and download your pictures in two different locations (i.e. memory stick and computer).
  • Getting around harsh lighting situations.  Helpful tip: find the light and put the person or place into the light.
  • Best time to take pictures are at sunset and sunrise.

I hope these mobile apps, packing and photo tips are helpful for your next vacation. Whether it’s a staycation or traveling abroad be safe, and stay healthy.

What are some things you research before you plan your next vacation?  Would love to hear your comments.

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