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Themed Cafes in Seoul, South Korea

Blue Flower Cafe Themed Cafes In Seoul South Korea

Blute Flower Cafe, Tartine Bakery, and Mochi

Where to begin when you discuss themed cafes in South Korea?  Although I went to several cafes there are still so many I wish to enjoy.  The first being the new Harry Potter Cafe in Daegu that just opened.

If you’re looking to get warm from the cold weather outside or just past the time, a cafe is a great place to visit.  Whether you visit with friends or a good book, here are some of the places I visited while in Seoul.

Tartine Bakery & Pie Cafe

One of the best cafes that I experienced in Seoul was the Ruby Edwards Tartine Bakery & Pie Cafe located in Itaewon.  I was first intrigued by this cafe because they’re known for their “Crack Pie.”  I wondered how good could it really was so I decided I would try it for myself.  The cafe first opened almost ten years ago and their pastries are still created fresh every day.


Crack Pie  La Mode And An Americano

The cafe was really busy since we visited on a weekend.  After taking my first bite, I realized the pie had been appropriately named.  The pie had the right balance of salty and sweet with a flaky pie crust.  The ambiance was good but the pie was better.  I ate every crumb and I didn’t feel guilty about any of the calories.  If salty-sweet is not your preference they had a lot of other classic pie choices, including Blueberry, Banana Cream, and Pecan.

There are several different flower-themed cafes that you can visit while you’re in Seoul.  It really depends on the atmosphere you seek, whether it’s a date night or hanging out with girlfriends.  The Blute Cafe is more geared towards the latter.

Blute Cafe

Blute Cafe

Blute cafe is a flower themed cafe in Hongdae.  If you like Korean dramas then this is a place that you will want to visit because of the dramas that have been filmed at this location.  You can enjoy the romantic white lights, floral-scented flowers, and the indoor/outdoor seating areas.


I sat outside towards the front of the cafe avoiding any foot traffic.  Towards the back of the cafe, there was a small bench where you can take all the selfies your heart desires.  Just off to the side of the bench, there was a small enclosed gazebo with potted plants.  The potted plants had plant markers describing each flower that was used around the cafe.  While the cake and beverage didn’t leave a strong impression, I did enjoy the ambiance.

Mochi Story Made by Minsu

Lastly, Mochi Story Made by Minsu Cafe is also located in Hongdae.  It’s decorated with small Japanese animation toy figures.  I am sure there is a technical term for them and someone who knows all things anime would be able to tell you exactly.  However, I was there for the food, specifically, the rice cake.


Mochi otherwise known as Chapssaltteok or (찹쌀떡) in Hangul, main ingredients include red beans, and rice that has been pounded and a piece of fruit.  My favorite is definitely the strawberry, but the orange and traditional mochi pictured above was also very tasty.

Whatever your taste, there are plenty of cafes to explore in South Korea.  What places would you recommend?  Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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