Disneyland Vacation Experience

3 Days & 2 Night Staycation Recently, my family visited Disneyland California Resort and a nearby Fairfield Inn Marriott for a mini-staycation. There have been a number of changes since I last visited Disneyland.  Here are some things you can do to ride more rides, grab a bite to eat, and stay at a nearby […]

Business Scene

How I Chose A Technical Bootcamp

Product Development Process CAD & CAM Training Recently, I’ve been apart of the first APC Fellowship organized by (LACI) or the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.  Their mission states: “LACI is building a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem that integrates women, people of color and other under-represented groups into the cleantech sector.”. This whole experience gave […]

Los Angeles Original Farmers Market

St. Paddy’s Day Celebration & Souvenir Tour Spring is on its way.  There’s a change in the air, one week it was so cold in L.A. that I needed a heater all night, now barely a week later and I’m dusting off the fan.  The flowers are blooming.  I’m reminded of that famous quote: “If […]

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Starting A Business In Korea

Korea Business Informational By Ahn Sehoon Ahn Sehoon is the manager at Seoul Global Center in Korea.   The Seoul Business Agency was established to promote and develop industries in Korea.  In addition, it provides comprehensive and systematic support to SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) located in Seoul.”   The Seoul Global Center business team is […]

Kogi BBQ Tacos Review

Short Rib Tacos Lunch Combo The Kogi Truck or Kogi BBQ got its start back in 2008 when Mark Manguera teamed up with Chef Roy Choi.  What started off with just one truck has since expanded into four trucks, full-service catering, a bar, and a Taqueria. I was in the mood for a taste of […]

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Non-Teaching Jobs: South Korea

Foreign Job Opportunities In South Korea When I first decided I wanted to move to South Korea I begin to look for work overseas.  I know that I didn’t want to teach students, however, I didn’t know what other options where available. Here are some additional job opportunities in addition to teaching English in South […]

Traditional Korean Music And Dance Performances

“Movement Korea” Performance Recap Besides mathematics, I believe one of the other languages that connect people is music.  Gwanggaeto Samulnori Art Company has performed in 20 countries promoting Korean traditional entertainment.  I attended their latest project: 2018 LA Ari Project “Movement Korea” at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles. The night began with rhythmic music […]

South Korea

What To Expect The First Week Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad Tips After I arrived in South Korea I know that I needed to go to my nearest Daiso store it seemed like every day.  Imagine you’re moving into a new apartment what are the products you will need to purchase; close hangers, a broom, shower slippers the list could go on. However, that’s […]

Visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Art of Korea Exhibit Tour Recently, I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and visited their exhibition on the Art of Korea.  First, I must say that although I have lived in Los Angeles for more than fifteen years I have never been to the museum.  I don’t know why, but I […]

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10 Websites And Apps For Visitors To South Korea

Necessary Information For A Trip To South Korea I want to compile a list of mobile applications and helpful numbers that are necessary for tourist or expats who plan on visiting South Korea.  This list is a broad range of helpful information that will assist you with traveling, ordering food, and knowing the proper procedures […]