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5 Tips For Working With Freelancers

5 Tips For Working With Freelancers

Tips To Maximize Project Efficiency

Outsourcing to freelancers can help save you time, and money.

If you’re a one-women led business like mine, and launching a mobile application then you have endless tasks.  Applying for grants, and to business accelerators is a full-time job within itself.  If you’re working with limited resources, and no coding skills, and a short timeline, what’s a small business owner to do?

Self-employment to the rescue!

That’s where being able to work with freelancers comes in handy.  You can work with anyone around the world via email and video conferencing.

Working with freelancers as projects arise gives you the flexibility of not having the responsibilities as an employer, and the possibility of finding the best talent for every project.

However, when you decide to hire a freelancer, you need more than just ratings, skills, and past reviews.  To get the best results, you need to go a step further.

Here are a few tips to hire and work with freelancers anywhere in the world:

Budget Expectations

If you’re using a freelancing platform like Upwork then you have the option of choosing a fixed price or per hour.  I’ve always chosen the fixed price option because I want freelancers to know this is what I am willing to pay.  If they don’t like the price most people will not waste their time and apply and those that do don’t hire them.  *Consider breaking payments into milestones.  It helps set a deadline, but it also pays the freelancer for the work they completed and provides motivation to complete the remaining work on time.   

If you don’t get an almost overwhelming amount of job proposals, then it’s usually an indication that either your job description needs clarification or your budget is too low. 

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Job Description/Title

Clarify.  I’ve seen job descriptions that are either too short or ask for way too much information.  Although, it’s a good way to tell if a freelancer reads your complete job posting.  Yet, if their skills, and qualifications meet your needs, are you going to hire someone else because they didn’t write FREELANCER in the job proposal?  It’s better to write a clear, and succinct job description that will help you find the best candidate.

Creative Style 

Does the freelancer match your brand style and approach to your project?  On any job posting that I create I make sure to include my blog website and social media information.  In addition, I always ask for their website and or portfolio information.  *You can always tell the freelancers who read your job description when they mention specific details about your website.    

Ask Questions

Ask, Ask, and Ask again.  It’s good practice to ask questions.  Ask questions and provide links about their past experience, but also their communication (frequency/preferred contact) method.  Look for spelling errors in their response as it’s a good indication of the results you can expect.  If they can’t write simple messages accurately then you can assume your project will also have errors.


Get weekly or bi-weekly updates on the project.  Ask to see any work that has been completed so that you can provide feedback.  It’s always a good idea to regularly update information about the project so that you can keep the project on budget, and within the timeline given.

*Bonus Tip* Managing your expectations will also go a long way in the overall success of your project. Remember that you’re working with freelancers who also have their own goals and projects.

In order to make sure your freelance experience is positive and productive, the right level of engagement and management is needed.  When you find an awesome freelancer your small business can thrive and you can build a strong support system of skilled individuals.   

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Are there any tips you believe are vital to working with freelancers?  I would love to read your thoughts in the comments down below.