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Peach Free

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Korean Snacks That Are Free-From Peaches

Click any of the Korean products below to see our peach-free guide. Each product will provide the brand name, food allergies, ingredients, and nutrition facts (when available).

In addition to helping buy Korean snack and grocery products this guide serves as a resource for people with food allergies, celiac disease or other food restrictions. This is in no way an extensive list of Korean products available. There are several companies who are creating new and innovative products everyday.

If you have found an allergy-friendly Korean snack please share a review on the Korean Convenience app! 

Pepero White Cookies

Rice Snacks

Blue Lemonade

Mogu Mogu, Pineapple

Mogu Mogu, Lychee

Mogu Mogu, Yogurt

Choco Pie, Banana

Choco Pie, Chocolate

Homerun Ball Custard Cream

Almonds, Wasabi

Honey Butter Flavored Almonds

Almonds Baked Corn Butter

Oh Gamja, Potato Gratin

Corn Chips, Chodoang

Cuttlefish Snack

Swing Chips, Hot Pepper

Caramel Corn, Croissant

Turtle Chips, Injeolmi

Turtle Chips, Crunchy Cheddar Cheese

Crunchy Cajun Potato

Soft Beef Jerky

Jjajang Spicy Hot Chicken (green)

Potato Noodles

Shin Ramen