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Kpop Artist Hangouts In L.A.

Gwang Yang BBQ Restaurant

Korean Celebrity Hot Spots

Every generation, fans follow handsome young boy band groups with an almost cult-like following.  The phenomenon of K-pop’s popularity has bought South Korean artists into the mainstream in the United States.  With so many K-pop artists touring in the United States it’s no longer difficult to see them in concert.

However, where can you see the artist hanging out during their downtime?  That’s until Los Angeles creates a K-Star Road like they’ve in South Korea.  Here’s a list of locations K-pop idols have been seen while visiting Los Angeles.

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)

One of the best places to see K-pop idols is fresh off the plane.  You can snap viral-worthy Instagram pictures after they’ve gone through customs.  Many Kpop Idols have pictures taken of them either by fans or media leaving Incheon Airport.  It’s all too easy to connect the dots and calculate their arrival at LAX.

LAX Entrance in Los Angeles, California


When you’re traveling you’ll always miss the comforts of home.  Most artists will head to their favorite restaurants to experience some of the comforts of home.  Gwang Yang BBQ in Koreatown has a wall with pictures of K-pop celebrities who have visited their restaurant.

In addition, to grabbing a bite to eat many K-pop artists also film TV interviews and Youtube specials in Koreatown.  Jay Park (Owner of AOMG, rapper, and record producer) filmed a Curry Shop episode for the First We Feast Youtube channel.  In this particular episode, he “Breaks Down Korean Bar Food” lounging in the Chapman Marketplace in Koreatown.

24 Hour's In L.A.'s Koreatown, Seoul International Park Welcome Sign, Koreatown, Los Angeles, California

There are so many other restaurants that idols may frequent including The Dragon, and Mul Dae Po a popular seafood restaurant.


This fast-food burger restaurant has been around since 1948 and offers fresh ingredients at reasonable prices.  It has become a staple for most tourist who visits California.  It’s no wonder that many K-pop artist’s first stop after arriving in Los Angeles is to visit this restaurant.  Best location: 9149 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045.


Where does Korean artist stay when they visit Los Angeles?  Off the busy streets of Downtown, yet close enough to travel to the nearest concert venue and fan signing events.

Early last year this AirBnB hosted “Why Not The Dancer” artists that features Super Junior Eunhyuk, Shinee Taemin, HIGHLIGHT Gikwang, and NCT Jisun.


Universal Studios and Disneyland are both easily accessible and offer a day of relaxation and recharge after busy tour activities.  It’s no wonder that many K-pop artist has been spotted hanging out in the Magic Kingdom.

SM Entertainment previously held SMTown Live World Tour at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.  Super Junior, TVXQ, Shinee, and EXO were able to take advantage of the location and visit Disneyland theme parks.


There are so many places to shop in Los Angeles.  Famous locations include The Beverly Center and The Grove.  However, if you want walkable hotspots then you might want to check out North Fairfax Avenue.  It’s known for luxury sneakers and clothing brands such as Supreme that cater to the hip-hop, skater, and punk communities.

These shops are within close proximity yet they don’t receive heavy foot traffic during off-peak periods. *I’ve been told on the rare occasion it’s raining a visit to the malls here in L.A. is the best day to spot even Hollywood celebrities.


Offering a cool ocean breeze with plenty of shopping and fun activities all located within walking distance of each other.  Idols have been spotted touring the seaside amusement park and walking along the boardwalk.

What are some of the places where you have spotted K-pop celebrities here in Los Angeles?  I would love to read your comments about hangouts in your state/country.

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