Korean Convenience Store Lessons

AS CONVENIENT AS POSSIBLE Recently, there have been some questions as to why I suddenly posted a product vocabulary list written in Hangul and English. I want to share the reason why I created this list and my future plans. I first came across the GRRRL Traveler blog post titled “Just Show Me The Pictures! […]


Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles

Korean Cultural Center L.A. Experience I decided I would share a place that I’ve been visiting since I was first introduced to Korean dramas and Korean music.  The place I’m discussing is the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California. I first started going to the Cultural Center almost three years ago when I decided […]

Business Scene

7 Things To Do After Applying To A Korean Language Program

To Do Lists To Complete Your Application So, you’ve researched online and applied to a Korean Language program in Seoul, South Korea that you want to attend.  Whether you’re applying for a short-term or regular semester program here are the next steps you will need to complete your preparations to attend a foreign language program. […]