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Allergy-Friendly App Updates

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New Features Announcement: Save time and find more product details. Adding more prepackaged label information all in one place. We listened to your initial feedback and made some updates.

Here are the latest updates regarding the Korean Convenience mobile app.  New features include brand name search, meat, and drink filter, USD/Korean Won toggle, ice cream products added, and Korean subheadings/titles added.

Korean Convenience has surpassed the first two-hundred downloads on both platforms!  ​​🍾🥂 Cheers!  I’m super excited about this slow launch and can’t imagine what the future holds for the Korean Convenience app.  I’m pouring all the excitement back into the app to improve the features and speed. Thanks again to the Korean Convenience subscribers for investing in the community, and supporting the app’s development.   

So here are more details about the new features and how to use them.

Brand Name Search

Previously, if you wanted to search for a specific brand you had to search through all of the products available. Now, you can go to the  ➡️ “ALL PRODUCTS”  ➡️  See All  ➡️  Filter  ➡️ Select Brand  ➡️  Hit Apply”.  Search by brand name and check out what is available from the most popular Korean brands.  Featured brands include Binggrae, Calbee, Crown, Nongshim, SPC Samlip, and more.

Meat Filter

When the Korean Convenience app first launched the suggestion was made that it would be even better if you could filter the meat options.  Because we recognize there are various dietary requirements such as Halal and Kosher. 

We want to add a meat filter to the ramen category so that you can find exactly what type of flavor, and ingredients fit your dietary lifestyle.  Scroll to the ramen category and hit the  ➡️  See All option and choose between beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. 

Drink Filter

Want if you just want to buy a bottle of tea?  Thirsty for a specific beverage and don’t want to scroll through all of the drink products available?

Go to the drink category  ➡️  See All and choose the best option.  With our drink filter, you can search through the products available and find coffee, juice, milk, tea, sports, and yogurt drinks.

Weight & Korean Calories 

The front and back photo is available with every product that is featured in the app.  However, another aspect of dietary management can also include calorie intake and tracking.  We want to help you make the most informed decision when purchasing your favorite snacks.

At the end of every description, you will now find the total Grams and Korean calorie information.  We’re putting more information in one place so that you can find product details as conveniently as possible.

USD Price (coming soon)

In order to give better functionality for people who don’t currently reside in South Korea we needed another option for pricing.

USD pricing information will give a closer retail price for anyone who doesn’t live in South Korea yet still wants to purchase Korean snacks.  *Pricing is subject to change depending on weight, quantity, and region when buying purchases.*

Database Improvements

Some major improvements to the Korean Convenience database:

  • Added new foods, which brings the database up to 300 in total!
  • Improved brand names; e.g. “Samlip.” -> “SPC Samlip”
  • Add calories and grams for each product. (Coming Soon)

Final Note

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Do you wish there was a feature on the app that is not available?  Let us know in the comments down below.  

That’s all for now. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any future updates, subscribe to the newsletter (no spam, I promise!).

– Erica Dozier @koreanconven

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Get Snacks From South Korea

Favorite Korean Snacks

With the massive popularity of Squid Games this year, South Korea’s food and snacks have been on full display.  However, Dalgona is not the only candy or snack that’s fun to eat and slightly sweet.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite snacks.

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 


Pepero are thin pretzel sticks that are crunchy and not too sweet.  They’re the perfect snack while watching your latest Netflix or Viki drama.  You can buy several different flavors (almonds, cookies & creams, plain or strawberry).

Honey Butter Chips

Before there was ever a hit song, these popular chips were selling like hotcakes.  If you like the sweet and savory combination, you might want to try this popular snack.  Chips are relatively inexpensive, and if you don’t like the flavor, you haven’t invested much money to try a new flavor.     

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Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed is rich in iron, calcium, and other vitamins/minerals.  Making this snack a little more on the healthier side.  It’s a thin flakey square sheet with a slight taste of fish and salt.  You can find it in almost any store nowadays.  There are also different flavors that you can try, including (onion, wasabi, sea salt, etc.) *Wrap it in steamed white rice for a more savory and salty snack experience.

Ace Crackers

This crispy sweet butter cracker goes perfectly with a hot beverage in the morning or can be enjoyed by itself.  They are also great to include in a gift baskets for the upcoming holidays. If you look closely on the side of every package there is the option to write a name and a cute message.   


With Korean ramen the possibilities are endless, with many flavors and ways to eat this snack.  All you need is hot water, and you will have the perfect quick bite to eat.  Add green onion, egg, or even spam/sausage, and turn this quick snack into a meal.  My favorites are the black bean ramen, vegan ramen(Samyang), and Gomtang Noodles with Cream Beef Bone Broth.  

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Choco Pie

A choco pie reminds me of the marshmallow snacks I had when I was a kid.  This snack consists of two small fluffy layers of yellow cake covered in chocolate with a marshmallow center.  *Heat for five-seven seconds in the microwave for a more gooey treat.

There are also a variety of flavors you can try: check out the banana, green tea, or strawberry choco pie.

Orion Chips

Standard flavors include original, onion, and hot(spicy), which are great to try if you want a chip similar to Lays in the United States.  However, every country has unique flavors you can’t buy anywhere else, and South Korea is no different.  If you’re feeling adventurous, try the corn soup, lime pepper, chocolate, and seaweed varieties.   

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 

Yogurt Jelly

Yogurt Jelly candy is one of my favorites because the packaging is shaped like a cute yogurt bottle, and the jelly has a mild fruit flavor.  These are perfect snacks to munch on while binge-watching your favorite K-drama or variety show.  *Yakult is the probiotic yogurt drink these jellies were modeled after and also a great drink to have after a meal.  

 Disclosure: If you give the links a love tap now! Buy snacks online for all your Korean snacks and grocery needs. I get a tiny referral percentage, being a part of the Amazon Affiliates program at no extra cost to you.

What are some of your favorite Korean snacks?  I would love to read about them in the comments down below.