Breakfast – 아침 Bagel 베이글 Bagel Types Asiago Cheese 아시아 산 치즈 Blueberry 블루 베리 Chocolate Chip 초콜릿 칩 Cinnamon Raisin 계피 건포도 Cinnamon Sugar 계피 설탕 Everything 모든 Garlic 마늘 Onion 양파 Plain 평범한 Poppy Seed 양귀비 씨 Salt 소금 Sesame Seed 참깨 Bread 빵 Bread Types Toast 토스트 Baguette 바게트 Brioche 브리오 세 Bun 좋은 Ciabatta Croissant 크루아상 Pita 피타 Rye 호밀 Multigrain … Continue reading Breakfast

Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources

Korean Food: Mukbangs, ASMR, and Recipes If you’re are a fan of Korean dramas than you know that you can’t watch an entire episode without seeing Korean food.  In fact, there have been several dramas that have caused food delivery surges.  What immediately comes to my mind is the Kdrama “My Love From The Star” for its famous chicken & beer a.k.a Chimaek 치맥 scenes. … Continue reading Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources