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Escapism Amid Pandemic

Stay Safe, Stay Home Playlist

Instead of blogging about business topics or what I’ve learned during a recent webinar or conference.  I want to share what videos I have been watching when I need a good laugh, to relax, or feel nostalgic.  

So without further ado here’s my recent playlist of Youtube videos I can watch again and again.  *Closed captioning is available on most videos so don’t worry if you don’t speak Korean.

Kim Hyun Joong

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a second-generation K-pop fan who loves the group SS501, Super Junior, Big Bang, and Shinee.  Whether it’s solo, individual, or duos I like all of the combinations.  Kim Hyun Joong shares behind the scenes of his concerts, mukbangs, and band rehearsals.  

There’s plenty to watch if you’re an avid music lover with his albums Bio-Rhythm or New Way.  Or if you just want to watch reviews of Korean restaurants check out his video segment called Everyday Joong.  Look out for the PD’s commentary throughout the videos as it shows their comradery and his hilarious take on Hyun Joong’s antics.  

Find out more about Kim Hyun Joong on his Website | Facebook | Instagram accounts.

Heo Young Saeng

Recently, Heo Young Saeng set up a one-man agency with plans to work on a new drama OST and a solo album. On his Youtube channel, he’s journaling his activities as he produces a new album and works within the Korean entertainment industry. So far his videos include a little bit about his personal life at home, (Ramen segment), his activities working as an artist, and his MBTI personality test.

His fellow SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong also make a brief appearance as they work on a duet together. Find out more about Heo Young Saeng on his Instagram | Twitter accounts.

Kim Hyun Jun

I can’t forget to mention Kim Hyun Jun the youngest member of the group SS501.  His voice immediately stands out, it’s soft and angelic.  He has both original songs and some popular Korean tv drama covers on his channel. 

If you’re into Twitch then there are also several videos where he posts video game highlights.  I wish that he published vlogs and everyday content more regularly however, there’s plenty to watch if you’re new to his channel.

Find out more about Kim Hyun Jun on his Twitch | Instagram accounts.    

Ryeowook’s AGIT

While three are several Super Junior members who have Youtube channels my favorite by far is Ryewook.  I like his style and aesthetic of filming the behind the scenes videos of Super Junior music videos.  Not only does he show his professional side he also shows all of the hard work he does behind the scenes.  If you like vlogs of Southeast Asia, music concerts, and the occasional band member injecting random commentary then you should check out his channel.

See Ryeowook chic and sentimental style on his Youtube channel.      

NCT Daily

I know that I mentioned the above four groups are the musicians that I really like and follow.  However, there’s a group that’s slowly creeping toward becoming number five.  I don’t know if it’s because Jhonny a native-born Chicagoan or Mark via way from Canada is in the group.

But I honestly really like some of their songs.  I can admit that when I need an energy boost I’ll listen to Cherry Bomb, and Regular.  Johnny Communication Center, NCT travel vlogs, and behind the scene concert preparations are the videos I highly recommend.

If you want to watch an energetic group coupled with young talented artists check out NCT 127 Facebook | Instagram | Twitter accounts.

Honorable Mentions


Morissette Amon 

First, she can sang…  I discovered Morissette after going through a time of just wanting to listen to Disney songs.  Her and the next artist’s rendition of “A Whole New World” together is breathtaking.  She started her career auditioning for the voice kids in the Phillippines and has since collaborated with some of my favorite Phillipani artists. 

Darren Espanto

If you haven’t heard of him then quickly click on the link and listen to him singing.  Not only is he handsome, but his talent will be around long after his looks begin to fade.  His song “Sasagipin Kita” although it’s in Tagalog is so beautiful and poignant.  Check out the comment section on his YouTube video for fan translations.    

Find out more about this rising star on his Facebook | Instagram | Twitter accounts.

So plan your next vacation whether it be to South Korea or closer to home, research the places you want to visit, take snapshots of all the yummy places to eat, and take selfies.

Even if it’s just for a make-believe staycation, you will still find something positive by just keeping your mind focused on the future. The COVID-19 pandemic will end and so will all of the stress and anxiety. Take some time to do something that helps you “rise again” and recharge your mind, body, and soul.

Do you like my playlist or know of another artist I should add to the list? I would love to read your comments down below!

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