Korean Convenience Store Lessons

AS CONVENIENT AS POSSIBLE! Recently, there have been some questions as to why I suddenly posted a product vocabulary list written in Hangul and English. I want to share the reason why I created this list and my future plans. I first came across GRRRL Traveler blog post titled “Just Show Me The Pictures!  Dealing With Language Barriers In Korea.”  It resonated with my current … Continue reading Korean Convenience Store Lessons


Bath Soap 목욕 비누 Batteries 배터리 Cleansing Cloths 클렌징 천 Cotton Swabs 면봉 Cough Drops 기침 방울 Dental Floss 치실 Deodorant 탈취제 Detergent 세정제 Dish Soap 주방 비누 Fabric Softener 섬유 연화제 Face Wipes 얼굴 용 물티슈 Facial Tissue 얼굴 조직 Lip Balm 립밤 Mouthwash 양치질 약 Razor (men) 남성용 면도기 Razor (women) 여성 면도기 Sunblock 자외선 차단제 Tampons 탐포 Toothbrush 칫솔 Toothpaste 치약 Umbrella … Continue reading Miscellaneous


Cold Drinks 차가운 음료 Chocolate Milk 초콜릿 우유 Cider 사과주 Coffee (Iced) 아이스 커피 Juice 주스 Lemonade 레몬 에이드 Milk 우유 Banana Milk 바나나 우유 Soy Milk 두유 Orange Juice 오렌지 주스 Smoothie 점잖은 사람 Soda 소다 Coca-Cola 코카콜라 Diet Coke 다이어트 콜라 Sprite 요정 Iced Tea 아이스 티 Tomato Juice 토마토 쥬스 Water 물 Hot Drinks 뜨거운 음료 Coffee 커피 Americano 아메리카노 Caffe Latte … Continue reading Drinks


Snack 간식 Acorn Jelly 도토리 젤리 Candy 캔디 Candy Bar 캔디 바 3 Musketeers 머스킷티어 초코 Almond Joy 아몬드 기쁨 Airheads 에어 헤드 Baby Ruth 아기 루스 Bit O’ Honey 비트 오 ‘꿀 Boston Baked Beans 보스톤 구운 콩 Butterfinger 버터 핑거 Charleston Chew 찰스턴 츄 Chick-O-Stick 병아리 콩 Clark 클락 Cotton Candy 솜사탕 Ferrero Rocher 페레로 로쉐 Fun Dip 재미있는 딥 Jolly Rancher 졸리 … Continue reading Snacks

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits – 과일 Apple 사과 Apricots 살구 Avocado 아보카도 Banana 바나나 Blackberry 블랙 베리 Blueberries 블루 베리 Cantaloupe 칸 탈 루 프 Cherimoya 체리 모야 Cherry 체리 Clementine 클레멘 타인 Coconut 코코넛 Cranberry 크랜베리 Durian 두리안 Figs 무화과 Grapefruit 자 몽 Grapes 포도 Guava 구아바 Honeydew Melon 메론 Jackfruit 잭 프룻 Jujube 대추 Kiwi 키위 Kiwano 키 와 노 Korean Melon 참 외 Lemon 레몬 … Continue reading Fruits and Vegetables


Breakfast – 아침 Bagel 베이글 Bagel Types Asiago Cheese 아시아 산 치즈 Blueberry 블루 베리 Chocolate Chip 초콜릿 칩 Cinnamon Raisin 계피 건포도 Cinnamon Sugar 계피 설탕 Everything 모든 Garlic 마늘 Onion 양파 Plain 평범한 Poppy Seed 양귀비 씨 Salt 소금 Sesame Seed 참깨 Bread 빵 Bread Types Toast 토스트 Baguette 바게트 Brioche 브리오 세 Bun 좋은 Ciabatta Croissant 크루아상 Pita 피타 Rye 호밀 Multigrain … Continue reading Breakfast

Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles

Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California Experience

Korean Cultural Center L.A. Experience I decided I would share a place that I’ve been visiting since I was first introduced to Korean dramas and Korean music.  The place I’m discussing is the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California. I first started going to the Cultural Center almost three years ago when I decided to take my first Korean Language class.  The Center is … Continue reading Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California Experience

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers In Seoul South Korea

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers In South Korea

예뻐요 at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies I continued taking Korean Language class even though I realized that it would take longer than I initially believed.  One caveat about immersing yourself in another culture is that a part of you wants to hold onto your own culture. In a country where beauty is considered thin with pale skin, both of which I don’t have or want … Continue reading Breaking Down Cultural Barriers In South Korea

Hankuk University Cherry Blossoms

South Korea School System

Final Exam At Hankuk University My semester at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Korean language program was coming to an end.  The teacher wrote on the blackboard the schedule for the finals.  This test would determine if I could transfer to level 2.  I couldn’t believe what she wrote on the board.  The test would be held over the course of the next three days. … Continue reading South Korea School System

Free Korean Language Classes Online, Pictures Of Korean Cultural Center In Los Angeles, CA

Free Korean Language Classes Online

Methods To Study Hangul Online Have you ever imagined what it’s like to go into a store and not be able to read any of the food packagings?   It has been suggested that before you travel to South Korea you learn basic Hangul.  While you can travel to Korea without knowing the language odds are you will experience the language barrier at some point … Continue reading Free Korean Language Classes Online