Korean Convenience Store Lessons

AS CONVENIENT AS POSSIBLE! Recently, there have been some questions as to why I suddenly posted a product vocabulary list written in Hangul and English. I want to share the reason why I created this list and my future plans. I first came across GRRRL Traveler blog post titled “Just Show Me The Pictures!  Dealing With Language Barriers In Korea.”  It resonated with my current … Continue reading Korean Convenience Store Lessons


Bath Soap 목욕 비누 Batteries 배터리 Cleansing Cloths 클렌징 천 Cotton Swabs 면봉 Cough Drops 기침 방울 Dental Floss 치실 Deodorant 탈취제 Detergent 세정제 Dish Soap 주방 비누 Fabric Softener 섬유 연화제 Face Wipes 얼굴 용 물티슈 Facial Tissue 얼굴 조직 Lip Balm 립밤 Mouthwash 양치질 약 Razor (men) 남성용 면도기 Razor (women) 여성 면도기 Sunblock 자외선 차단제 Tampons 탐포 Toothbrush 칫솔 Toothpaste 치약 Umbrella … Continue reading Miscellaneous