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Kogi BBQ Tacos Review

Kogi BBQ Wallart, Kogi BBQ Taco Review

Short Rib Tacos Lunch Combo

The Kogi Truck or Kogi BBQ got its start back in 2008 when Mark Manguera teamed up with Chef Roy Choi.  What started off with just one truck has since expanded into four trucks, full-service catering, a bar, and a Taqueria.

I was in the mood for a taste of Korean food and I wanted to expand my travels beyond Koreatown.  I choose the Kogi Taqueria location in Palms for the free parking and dine-in option.

I wanted to try the famous short rib tacos as it’s what made the Kogi Taco Truck famous. However, I was also curious about their chicken and Carne Asada tacos.

Kogi BBQ Tacos, Palms, California
A chicken, carne asada and a short rib taco with a cherry coca-cola.

Inside the Taqueria it has a square communal wooden table with backless black metal stool seats.  Metal floating tables surround the walls along with logo stickers from former customers.

I ordered a number one combo that includes three tacos and a drink for a total of $9 dollars.  *It’s an additional dollar for the short ribs tacos.

The Kogi tacos consisted of a choice of meat, salsa roja, cilantro-onion lime mixture, and Kogi slaw placed inside two warm tortillas.  The chicken taco tasted spicer to me compared to the other two tacos.  The carne asada meat was tender and non-fatty, it came in a close second to the short rib.

Kogi BBQ short rib tacos, Taqueria, Palms, CA
Kogi BBQ Short Rib Tacos

All of the tacos were packed with flavor and I can see why they became famous.  If I had to choose a favorite out of the three versions then it would definitely have to be the short rib taco.  The short rib meat portion along with the blend of salsa, slaw and lime mixture is the perfect combo.

The Taqueria is located at 3500 Overland Avenue #100, Los Angeles, CA 90034.  For more information on their menu and hours of operation visit Kogi BBQ website.

Are there any Korean restaurants in Los Angeles that you recommend?  I would love to read your comments.

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