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Overseas Venture Capitalist Investors

How To Find Startup Funding  So you want to start a business in Asia? Starting a business is hard wherever you’re located.  Add starting a business overseas to your to-do list and it seems like one more insurmountable hurdle to overcome.  According to the Global Startup, Ecosystems report the Global Startup Economy reached $2.3 trillion from 2015 to 2017.  Part of that success includes assistance … Continue reading Overseas Venture Capitalist Investors

Starting A Business In Korea

Korea Business Informational By Ahn Sehoon Ahn Sehoon is the manager at Seoul Global Center in Korea.   The Seoul Business Agency was established to promote and develop industries in Korea.  In addition, it provides comprehensive and systematic support to SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) located in Seoul.”   The Seoul Global Center business team is operated by the SBA, on behalf of the Seoul City … Continue reading Starting A Business In Korea

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers In Seoul South Korea

How To Stay Warm During Winter In South Korea

No Heat & No Flannel Pajamas!  Lesson Learned. Since, the weather keeps reverting, rain and snow in some parts of the United States when it should be getting warmer outside, I want to go back to something that happened during my first Winter at Hankuk University dormitory I forgot to post. My heart went out inside my dorm room.  At first, I thought I just … Continue reading How To Stay Warm During Winter In South Korea

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Startup Visa Intellectual Property Rights Presentations

Intellectual Property Rights Presentation After completing the Oasis Four class I was sent an email alerting me to the upcoming Oasis-One class.  The class consisted of a two-hour orientation that would be held on Friday, May 12, 2017, and two weekend classes that would be held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the following Saturday and Sunday. I submitted my application on the Korea Invention … Continue reading Startup Visa Intellectual Property Rights Presentations

Confucius Ceremony At SungkyunKwan University In South Korea

Confucian Ceremony At Sungkyunkwan University In South Korea

Religious Dances and Formal Ceremonies I went on another day tour with the Royal Asiatic Society.  I met up with my tour group outside of Anguk subway station, exit 6, at 9:30 a.m.  There was a vendor selling socks and writing supplies nearby, while we waited a lot of the other attendees browsed the merchandise.  I met with my friend who I had met on … Continue reading Confucian Ceremony At Sungkyunkwan University In South Korea

The Painters: Hero In Seoul

The Painters: HERO in Seoul

Hankuk University School Field Trip The class created a WeChat App group chats room in case any of us were ever absent we could text each other about the material covered in class and the homework assignment.  Mostly, the chatroom was used by our teacher to remind us about our homework assignments.  As part of the Universities extracurricular program, we were told that we would be … Continue reading The Painters: HERO in Seoul

Free Korean Language Classes Online, Pictures Of Korean Cultural Center In Los Angeles, CA

Free Korean Language Classes Online

Methods To Study Hangul Online Have you ever imagined what it’s like to go into a store and not be able to read any of the food packagings?   It has been suggested that before you travel to South Korea you learn basic Hangul.  While you can travel to Korea without knowing the language odds are you will experience the language barrier at some point … Continue reading Free Korean Language Classes Online

2nd Korean Language Class - Hankuk University

2nd Korean Language Class

Korean Lang. Class & Hairdresser After a week of torture, I was transferred to what I call the slow learner course for studying Hangul.  I later found out teachers are not allowed to use any English to teach even if they are fluent.  There were far more confusing and often difficult rules to comprehend in South Korea.   Like why couldn’t I leave class ten … Continue reading 2nd Korean Language Class

University Student In Korea - Hankuk University

University Student in Korea

University Student a.k.a 학생 (Hagsaeng) I went to the Korean language center office at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies with one of my fifty pounds bags and a notebook.  I knew that I couldn’t check into my dorm room until three p.m., but I thought I could carry one of my bags with me while I checked out the school surroundings.   After our shopping trip … Continue reading University Student in Korea