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Let’s Care Podcast Interview

One-on-One Talking with Matt Scott

A notice was sent out to the Seed Spot Entrepreneurs to discuss their entrepreneurial experience this year.  It was a call for individuals who often don’t feel heard or seen in the startup space.  I responded to the email because less than a week prior I had completely failed an investor workshop.  I had five minutes to pitch my business and let’s just say that it was the most painful five minutes I have felt in a long time and that’s in the year 2020. 

Listen to the podcast episode Reimagining Impact here.

I know I need to practice telling my story more so that I can get comfortable speaking in public.  Public speaking has always been my achilles heel ever since I took my first class in college.  Over time I have not gotten any better.  However, the need for more people to hear about food allergies issues and possible solutions outweighs my fear of public speaking. 

Business Chosen

A short while later to my surprise, I received an email from Matt Scott.  He’s the founder and host of the Lets Care Podcast.  A little bit about Matt: “Matt Scott, a social impact project manager and storyteller currently working as a global community manager and storyteller for NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge at Secondmuse, with NASA, Nike, USAID, the Obama White House, and more.” ~ Lets Care Website

Matt asked for information about my startup timeline and social media.  After that, I picked a date/time for the interview and it was all set.  I picked the last date and time slot available for an interview.  I wanted to give myself as much time to get mentally prepared or let’s be real to cancel as possible.

I did a little bit of social stalking by following Matt on the most popular social media sites.  Engaged in topics that I agreed with and was glad that he too found them of interest. I watched the inspirational speeches of other black entrepreneurs and their belief that we belong in the room and the room is better off with a diversity of people.     

24-Hours Notice

The days ticked by and with school, volunteering for a non-profit, and starting a new business I didn’t get a chance to focus on my fear.  Until the day prior when I received that reminder email.  This was my last chance to bail with at least 24 hours’ notice.  It was now or never.  I sucked it up and wrote my startup accomplishments on a piece of paper.  I felt better about how far I had come, a first-time entrepreneur, no funding, participating in a year-long business accelerator and I wanted to share my story.  If one person was able to get hope and inspiration then that was okay.    


I set up the computer, adjusted my light source to the best of my ability ( I wished I paid more attention to production class), and waited for the meeting to begin.  The initial introduction was good and I was feeling anxious, but talking with Matt I was glad that he has completed over one-hundred interviews. 

Listen to our conversation here and judge for yourself. 

Overall, I was glad that my first podcast experience was with Let’s Care and Seed Spot.  I want to thank Matt for being such a gracious and patient host.  I look forward to reading about his future entrepreneurial endeavors.       

Information about Let’s Care Podcast:  “Let’s Care, initially founded as 180º of Impact, is a platform to pass the mic to those that often go unheard in the social change space. We interview unlikely and underrepresented changemakers.”  ~ Lets Care Website

For more information about the Let’s Care podcast and to subscribe to their email list, visit

Interested in joinging the Seed Spot Entrepreneur community check out their website for upcoming events, courses and ways to get invovled.

Little by little I will keep making strides in the right direction towards becoming an articulate speaker. Have you faced any of your fears during the pandemic? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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