Gwang Yang BBQ Restaurant

Kpop Artist Hangouts In L.A.

Korean Celebrity Hot Spots Every generation, fans follow handsome young boyband groups with an almost cult-like following.  The phenomenon of Kpop’s popularity has bought South Korean artists to the mainstream in the United States.  With so many Kpop artist touring in the United States it’s no longer difficult to see them in concert. However, where can you see the artist hanging out during their downtime. … Continue reading Kpop Artist Hangouts In L.A.

California Science Center Entrance

California Science Center Exploration

Free Hands-On Science Exhibits Because of the holidays, many people have family and friends coming into town.  The California Science Center provides ways to learn science hands-on, and in a fun environment. What’s really great is the Science Center offers free general admission to their science exhibits.  Their mission: “We Aspire To Stimulate Curiosity and Inspire Science Learning In Everyone by Creating Fun, Memorable Experiences.” They … Continue reading California Science Center Exploration

San Fransisco Bay Bridge

San Francisco Self-Guided Walking Tour

Ferry Building And Chinatown Experience This was my first time going to San Francisco and I wanted to experience all of the popular tourist attractions. My sister and I used the Hotel’s free shuttle to go to the Downtown Berkeley B.A.R.T. station.  After purchasing our tickets we found the correct train we needed to hop on to go to San Francisco. Once we arrived at … Continue reading San Francisco Self-Guided Walking Tour

Small Business Owner Interview: Eric Michel, Anarchy Prints

Small Business Highlight, South Korea I first met Eric during the Oasis 2 Intellectual Property Rights class that was held at the Korean Invention Promotion Association in Gangnam-gu.  Since that time we have stayed in touch messaging in a group chat regarding startup events and hackathons in South Korea.  I want to share with everyone his journey with his company Anarchy Prints. Small Business Interview: … Continue reading Small Business Owner Interview: Eric Michel, Anarchy Prints

The Last Hurrah: At Least For This Trip

Seoul, South Korea Expat Finality My last month in South Korea I would go out every weekend for lunch, and desert, mostly I combined the two, like when I went to my first vegan festival.  I shared this recurring theme with my friend who lived in Korea the longest. What were my plans for returning to the United States was a recurring question she asked? … Continue reading The Last Hurrah: At Least For This Trip