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Save Time And Find New Products

Features And Benefits Of The App

If you love Korean food then you know that it sometimes can be difficult to read ready-made products. Add an allergy or dietary restriction into the mix were reading every ingredient is an absolute must and it can feel almost overwhelming.

To solve these challenges we’ve created the Korean Convenience mobile app~ a helpful guide to assist food lovers to find allergy-friendly ready-made Korean food as convenient as possible.​  

Find Products

Save Time.  The mobile app will assist individuals with limited knowledge of Hangul to search for products. Korean food lovers can use this free tool to find new products. 

Save Money.  Translate prepackaged food products and provide assistance to customers who suffer from food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Whether you’re looking to buy your favorite ramen or snack, Korean Convenience list ingredients so that each individual can make the best decision for their health.  

Get App: App Store​ and Google Play Store


Customers search for packaged food products that contain the top nine allergens: dairy, eggs, fish, nuts, sesame, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat.


Words and Images. In Korean Convenience, allergies, brand names, prices, and ingredients are all combined in the same space, letting you access your information anytime and anywhere.

Add Products

Find a new product and save the information once.  Korean Convenience makes discovering new products as simple as possible. Take a product image, add ingredients, and helpful tips to increase your favorite lists. It’s never been this easy to create shopping lists.

A – Z Ingredient Directory

Finally, you can read and understand the nutrition labels of prepackaged products by having food ingredients and allergens listed in this extensive directory. English and Hangul translations for beverages, bread, chips, canned meat, ramen, snacks, soups, and more.


  • Photos​—Add new products. Take a photo of the front and back of a product, and add a description, price, cooking time, and instructions. Share it with the community.
  • Save​—A feature that lets you create a favorite list with a simple tap of a heart emoji.
  • Product Type (sign-in req.) ​—A new filter that lets you easily find additional products by product type (drinks, chips, ramen, soups, etc.
  • Foreign Community—All in one convenient location, to find, read, and locate products, now available on one app.  
  • Allergy Search—Allergy search finds products that show you all products that you can buy that don’t include your allergen.
  • Universal App​—Korean Convenience is a universal app that works on Android and iPhones.

Get App: App Store​ and Google Play Store


Korean Convenience is based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2017 the supplemental blog focus on international travel and small business. Korean Convenience provides resources, interviews, and stories of living and owning a business in South Korea.  To further assist foreign communities, the food translations and product information can be used at the grocery store or your nearest convenience store.  


Erica Dozier, Founder of Korean Convenience can be reached at  or (818) 743.9245.