Startup Assistance In Seoul

Startup Assistance in Seoul

Startup Competitions and Meetup Groups in South Korea

Obtaining positive reviews from consumers is crucial to any business future success.  The term “Word-Of-Mouth” is one of the words that perfectly describe South Korea’s business culture.  If you’re interested in the startup scene in South Korea check out these resources to assist foreigners with business development.

K-Startup Grand Challenge

The “K-Startup Grand Challenge” is administered by the Korean Government and the competition slogan states “Accelerate Your Startup In Korea.”  Their mission is to help 50 entrepreneurs with setting up their business in South Korea.  They offer access to meet and possibly collaborate with major Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motors.  The competition is held once a year and the application period begins in early March.

Competition highlights include:

  • 4 Month Accelerating Program held in South Korea
  • Free Office Space with One on One Mentoring
  • Coaching on Asian Business Culture
  • Business necessities – Tax Laws, Patents and Accounting Regulations
  • Financial incentives – Audition Prize, Demo Day, Living Expenses and Grants

Google Campus Seoul

The program aims to offer “Resources, Classes and Connections” where you can learn from the best that Google has to offer.  The program offers a cafe on sight to enjoy coffee and free wi-fi, event space to host an event and a free six-month workspace residency at Google headquarters.

Program highlights include:

  • Campus Meetup – Connect with Like-Minded People
  • Campus Mentoring  – Access to Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Campus Presents – Extinguished Presenters Presents Relevant Business Topics
  • Campus Startup School – Hands-on Training in UX design, Venture Capital Meetings, and Product Management
  • Campus Connections – Meet with Investors and Large Corporations
  • Campus Exchange – Network with Entrepreneurs from Google Campuses in London, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv and Warsaw

Oasis 3 – Idea Right Competition Support

The program is organized by the Korea Invention Promotion Association and Seoul Global Center.  The program is targeted towards foreigners who are interested in forming a startup within South Korea.  The competition is a part of the larger Oasis Assistance for Startup Immigration courses.  To find out more information about the Oasis courses and dates available check out OASIS Startup Visa.

Startup Meetup Groups

Startup Weekend Seoul

This three-day meetup offers designers, developers, and entrepreneurs the chance to connect with one another.  Once an alliance is formed teams will be able to build a successful business portfolio with the help of mentors, coaches, and fellow entrepreneurs.  Find more information on their Facebook Group or email their meetup group at

Startup Alliance

This meetup is presented by the Navar Corporation.  The Startup Alliance offers meetup, seminars, and conferences to connect entrepreneurs in launching their business through Global Expansion.  Additionally, they offer pro-bono legal advice and accounting counseling to facilitate a better startup ecosystem.

Recent startups occurring throughout Asia include E-wallets, ridesharing, and staff-less store chains.  After participating in the Oasis program run by the Seoul Global Center I am left with this quote from David Karp, Tumbler founder, “Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.”

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