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South Korea Blog Posts

Blogs About South Korea

Previously, I wrote about my favorite variety tv shows, and YouTubers in South Korea.  I think that it’s only fitting I share my favorite blog posts on South Korea.  Some of the bloggers on this list I discovered on Pinterest through their stories and travel tips.  While other blogs I read and enjoy their posts about their time spent in Korea.

Here’s the list of my favorite blogs about South Korea whether they live in Korea or somewhere else in the world.  We’re all connected by our love for writing and the Korean culture.

Lingua Asia

Minjung and Richard both share their love for travel in Japan and South Korea. They have traveled to over 50 countries all the while they owned a translation business in South Korea.  Readers can search for popular topics on finding a job abroad, and business tips in Asia just to name a few.     

If you would like to read more about their story and travel adventures check out their website Lingua Asia.

Be Marie Korea

Marie is a Belgian writer, website creator, and ski instructor based in Seoul.  She features helpful itineraries, day tours, and things to do.  Popular destinations include Andong, Busan, Daegu and Gyeongju, Jeju and Seoul.  Topics feature the capital of Seoul and the rest of the country.

If you would like to read blog posts from Marie visit her website Be Marie Korea.

The Soul Of Seoul

The mission states: “Adventures in Korea and Abroad.”  She shares insights into the must-see attractions and what to do in her Seoul adventures.  Features seasonal guides, kid-friendly locations, and nearby hotel reviews.  Blog posts covering other countries in Japan, China, Australia, Nepal, Thailand, and the United States.

Visit The Seoul Of Seoul to read more about her Korea blog posts.

Gina Bear’s Blog

Travel, Life, and Love in Asia.  Gina is a Chicago native whose mission is to inspire travel and provide expat tips for travelers to Japan and Korea.  Features blog posts on popular cafes, dating in Korea, and how to get a job teaching English in Korea.

If you would like to discover more about Gina Bear’s Blog visit her website or her dedicated Youtube channel.

Hedgers Abroad

Duo content creators Ryan and Stephanie share their passion for travel and time spent in Korea.  Their blog posts on Korea features budget-friendly foods, hiking, traditional Korean events and places outside of Seoul.

If you would like to read Ryan and Stephanie’s blog check out Hedgers Abroad website. Their recent travels include destinations throughout the United States.  However, they also have videos on their Youtube channel about their life in Seoul.

Mc Adventure Blog

Chris and Monique’s mission is to provide “Sustainable Travel Off The Beaten Track.”  Their blog features posts on mental health, ethical travel, and travel tips.

The popular post includes Winter, Halloween, and Teaching In Korea, and travel itineraries for Uleungdo.  Nearby destinations include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Africa.

If you would like to read their stories check out MC Adventure Blog for their latest blog posts.

Linda Goes East

Linda’s mission is to “Do More, See More, Go East.”  She lives in South Korea and shares her stories on life abroad, quirky dessert cafes, K-pop, and travel tips.  Popular destinations also include travel in China, Japan, Thailand, Laos, and Europe.

If you would like to read more of her stories check out Linda Goes East for her latest blog posts.


Seoul Inspired

Ethan Brooke is a native New Zealander who now lives in Seoul.  His photography talent enhances each blog post showcasing the beauty of Korea.   Popular posts include the best sunsets in Seoul, Han River views and street fashion.

His study abroad life include plans until the year 2020 so there’s still plenty of places to share and explore.

Check out Seoul Inspired “Korean Travel Blogs and Photography” website.

Asia Travel Blogs

KGB in WanderLand

Are you looking for fun activities to do with kids in Seoul than check out KGB Wanderland?  Popular posts on Everland Theme Parks, Dongdaemun Toy Markets, and Seoul Han River Cruise.

Karen was born in the Philippines’s and currently lives in Guam with her family.  Her viewpoint on her foodie travels in Guam, Italy, Turkey, and Canada gives a different perspective on the normal day tourist who visits Korea.

If you would like to read stories check out KGB In Wanderland blog posts on South Korea.

Married With Maps

Married With Maps focus is budget travel while exploring the world.  Popular posts on Korea include grocery shopping, cafes and restaurants, festivals, and historical landmarks.

Nearby destinations include Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

If you would like to read their stories check out their website Married With Maps.

Chapter Travel

Jeffrey and Lisanne are a Dutch couple whose mission is to share their travel stories, guides and tips.  My favorite South Korea blogs are: “16 Things To Do In Jeju Island,” and “Most Instagrammable Places in Seoul including Temples, Hotspots, and more.”

Additional, posts on Asian countries include Nepal, India, Kazakhstan, and Cambodia.  Looking for additional travel posts and you can read about their time spent in Europe and Australia.

Check out their blog posts on Asia, Europe and Australia here.

Online Magazine – Asia Destinations

Books And Bao

An online magazine that features content creators in Korea and Taiwan.  Their mission states they provide stories “Where World Literature and Travel Meet.”  The popular post discusses Bookstores Around The World: Itaewon Foreign Bookstore and Watch Art Come To Life at L’atelier with Trazy, Seoul.

Check out Books and Bao online magazine latest stories here.

These are only some of my favorite South Korea blog posts.  Their stories share my love for travel, food, and adventure.

What are some of your favorite South Korea blog posts?  I would love to read about them in the comments down below.

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