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This is everything I learned living in South Korea with food allergies all in one convenient downloadable resource. Get this twenty-three page ebook that can assist tourists or expats with food allergies and intolerances to buy Korean snacks and grocery products while in South Korea.


Allergy Friendly Korean Convenience Store Guide

Explore Korean snacks with confidence using our allergy-friendly ebook! Discover, tips for grocery shopping, and how to read Korean food labels, crafted exclusively for the Korean Convenience food allergy community. Get a glossary of major food allergies, emergency contact information, and travel resources, ensuring your journey through South Korea is both thrilling and safe. Elevate your culinary experience, free from worries, and savor every bite without compromising your well-being. Embrace the joys of finding snacks, tailored to your dietary needs, in this essential ebook created with care and expertise.

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