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Overseas Venture Capitalist Investors

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How To Find Startup Funding 

So you want to start a business in Asia?

Starting a business is hard wherever you’re located.  Add starting a business overseas to your to-do list and it seems like one more insurmountable hurdle to overcome. 

According to the Global Startup, Ecosystems report the Global Startup Economy reached $2.3 trillion from 2015 to 2017.  Part of that success includes assistance from accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and additional startup support.  

Here are 8 Venture Capital Investors entrepreneurs looking to grow their business in Asia should check out.  

Venture Capital Investors

#1. Big Basin Capital

Big Basin Capital is located in Silicon Valley and invests in early-stage startups both in Korea and the United States.  The benefits of seeking investment capital from Big Basin is their belief that they’re forming a partnership and they provide hands-on assistance and guidance. 

Past investments have included partners who developed mobile apps, fashion, learning, and HR platforms. To find more information on how to partner with Big Basin Capital check out their website and portfolio.

#2. BlueRun Ventures

BlueRun Ventures invests in technology lead company that aims to solve problems.  BlueRun has offices located in California, China, and South Korea. One of their most notable portfolio partners Waze, a mobile application the assists with traffic navigation and was eventually sold to Google. 

Additional partners in BlueRun Ventures include mobile applications ZeeMee that assists students with College applications, and BlueCart an ordering platform that assist restaurants + vendors to build relationships.  To find out more information on how to partner with BlueRun Ventures check out their website. 

#3. Translink Capital

Translink Capital specializes in assisting entrepreneurs to form partnerships and gain customer connections in Asia.  Translink Capital has offices located in California, South Korea, Taipei, Tokyo, and China.

Some of their investments for South Korea entrepreneurs include Market Kurly (Food Delivery), Klaytn (Blockchain), and a (Hydrogen Beauty Mask) from FarmSkin.  To check out their United States investments and find out more information about Translink Capital check out their website. 

#4. Strong Ventures

Strong Ventures is located in California and assists entrepreneurs with finances, and provides mentorship.  It’s important to note that they do require you to have a technical co-founder if you’re a tech startup.

Past investments have included Koreaboo (Kpop news portal), beSuccess (host annual startup conference beLaunch), and Lightbound Studios that focuses on virtual reality games and experiences.  If you want more information about Strong Ventures history, portfolio, and how to submit an idea check out their website. 

#5. IDG Capital

IDG Capital focuses on assisting entrepreneurs to achieve growth by using their global resources and network.  They have offices located both in the United States, China, London, South Korea, and Vietnam. Some of the services they offer include branding, marketing, channel development, and overseas expansion. 

With over 800 portfolio companies they’re invested in various avenues of growth such as mobile apps (AppAnnie), Gentle Monster (Sunglasses Designer), and LIME a bicycle/scooter/car-sharing system. To find out more information about IDG Capital check out their website.

#6. Draper Athena

Draper Athena specializes in early-stage entrepreneurs and focuses on investments in Big Data, Mobile, Robotics, Novel Materials, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Security.  They have offices located in California, Korea, and China.

Their portfolio companies include Swing (Korea eScooter sharing), SM Global (Kirkland Golf Balls), and Moloco a mobile advertising monetization platform.  To find out more information about Draper Athena portfolio companies check out their website. 

#7. Softbank Ventures Asia

Softbank Ventures assists early-stage startups and with a mission aimed toward the future.  Softbank Ventures annually holds a Venture Forum for startups to network with businesses from Asia and Korea.  Additional, notables include their Young Entrepreneur Society, YouTube channel, and Startup Bootcamp.

Past investments have included work with Hyperconnect, Tokopedia, and FishBrain.  To find out more information about Softbank Ventures check out their website. 

#8. Althos Ventures

Althos Ventures focuses on early-stage startups that are geared toward enterprising opportunities that require $1 to $10 million to obtain significant growth.  Their portfolio companies include work with Cleaning Lab (On-demand Cleaning Services), Coupang (Mobile and Ecommerce Platform), and CollabAsia a Multi-channel Network for YouTube creators in Asia.

Final Thoughts

The reality of seeking startup funds and pitching to investors is no easy task.  It takes practice, resources, and persistence. Those seeking funds may gain assistance from business mentors and incubators programs.  

The advice and counsel from these mentors and incubators could lead to a warm introduction which is invaluable for forming new partnerships.

The benefits to obtaining capital can assist with growing your business, who knows, your startup maybe the next Uber.   You won’t know without having a pitch (message), being willing to pivot and prevailing against all others. 

If this list leads you to a new business connection I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  

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