One Year Of Blogging

What I’ve Learned And What’s Next

One Year Of Blogging.  Hooray!  I can’t believe that it has already been a year since I’ve published my first blog post.  I choose to publish my first post on December 09, 2017.  I choose this date because a year earlier, I landed in Seoul, South Korea for the first time.

When I first started blogging there was so much that I didn’t know.  I have written before about how I believed that I would be able to launch my blog and business within six months and move back to Korea within a year.  Only to my surprise, it has been taken much longer than I initially believed.

My first goal with launching my blog was to share what I had written and experienced in Korea.  Sharing my writing in and of itself was a major milestone.  As a writer, it’s one of the hardest decisions I overcame.  I read someplace that literally, your writing is always a rough draft until you hit publish.  Because you will always want to rewrite, spell check, check grammar, etc.

Publishing Anniversary: listed below are the things I would change, accomplishments and the future of my blog Korean Convenience.

Things I Would Do Differently

Taken More Pictures

I wish I had taken more pictures while I was in Korea.  It has only since I started publishing blog posts that I realized a story is enhanced with pictures.  There are restaurants, cultural fairs, and more places I visited in Korea, yet I don’t want to publish any stories on them since I don’t have any pictures.

Published Earlier

I waited until I returned to the states to begin publishing stories on my time spent in Korea.  It’s only since I’ve returned that I realize my journey of going to business and language classes, was an experience I should have shared or at least vlogged.  *New Year Goals: To stop the negative inner dialogue or belief that my experience is not big enough or interesting enough for people to read.

There are so many times that I have an idea for a blog post.  After the initial idea, I will begin the research process.  Without fail, I will then discover someone has already written a similar story.  I will then scrap the whole idea and move onto a different topic.

Since I’ve started my blog I have changed the layout twice and in the near future will change it again.  I learned that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles.  Your blog will change as you change, as you learn more and more about blogging with every webinar, e-book, an online class.

Business Strategy

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to any new bloggers, YouTuber, just content creators, in general, it’s to set up a plan.  Not only with your content, but with your social media, media (press) outreach, and business expenses.  In general, I’m not a long-term planner.  I’m more of a person who makes a decision and dives in head first.  With the determination to succeed or at least continue until I’ve exhausted every resource.

However, with blogging, I’ve learned you do need to have a plan set in place before you begin.  Understanding the time commitment, marketing, and resources needed to be a full-time blogger has been a year of learning.  If I had known the initial investment a year ago I would have made different choices when I first started.


Tech Savvy

While I don’t consider myself to be a novice learner, I’m also not able to write an original line of computer code.  That being said, I’m happy that I’ve learned several automation tools such as Tailwind and Buffer.

In addition, I’ve learned about new social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.  *Instagram is still a work in progress and I’m deciding how I will use the platform to reach a new audience.


When I first started it was very disheartening to read other bloggers posts on social media their daily visitors count on their blog.  Only to check my own blog stats and have it pale in comparison.  *I’ve since learned not to read too much into subscribers, followers, and daily visitors.  It helps to stay focused on my initial goal of wanting to assist other expats who wish to move to Korea and start a business.

Let me also take a moment to say thank you to every subscriber, social media follower, and commenter.  Your words of encouragement and engagement have urged me to continue to write and move forward.  Again, thank you for stopping by and reading my stories.


Recently, I completed and published my first workbook.  It’s a learning tool that I wished I had when I began my Hangul studies.

Although, it’s has been said that you can learn the Korean alphabet in two hours.  Learning the alphabet is only the first step to speaking fluently.  In addition, I believe you need an extensive vocabulary to formulate complete sentences.  *In the future, I hope to publish stories on cultural lessons and intermediate learning resources that I’ve acquired from Korea.

Future Of Korean Convenience


For the first time, I will be practicing in the twelve days of blogmas.  I’m both excited and nervous because I haven’t published a post every day of the week.  While I don’t know if I can keep up with the posting schedule I will use the lessons I learn to assist with my New Year’s goal of writing and publishing more stories.

Travel Plans

I will be visiting the San Francisco area shortly.  I don’t have any set plans on places I will visit.  However, I’m committing to blogmas so I definitely will share stories on the hotel, airport, etc., I experience while I visit the Bay area.  *Plans for returning to Korea…stay tuned for a future post.


Although I wish there were more collaboration efforts between South Korea bloggers, I have decided to expand my outreach to all niches.  When I first started blogging, I reached out to several bloggers and YouTubers for collaborations only to be met with radio silence.  I have realized that I can learn from others who are not in my niche and apply what I’ve learned to Korean Convenience.

Recently, I attended the Los Angeles Business Expo and one of the speakers stated a quote that really stuck with me.  She said, “You will never be able to scale your business trying to form one on one relationships.  You need to think of creative ways to reach a wider audience.”  I look forward to the learning experience I’ll accomplish in trying to obtain my future business goals.  I can’t imagine what I will have to write about this time next year.

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