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Korean Cooking Challenge

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Kimchi Pancake (KimchiJeon) Foodie Edition  

I decided to organize a Korean Cooking Challenge.  I follow several content creators across various social media platforms and decided to reach out to them.  The content creators joining this challenge are spread out over the oceans, and come from different backgrounds, ages, religions, and experiences.   

I’m excited to create this Korean foodie challenge for content creators!  This challenge is going to last until September 15, 2023 and the creators will be sharing their recipes via blog, Youtube, TikTok, etc.

If you would like to join us please feel free to share your recipe, photos, leave a comment or like this post.  Join us as we create our version of kimchi jeon pancake 김치전.  Read more below.

Kimchi Pancake

The ingredients I have seen kimchi jeon made with are fermented kimchi, onions, scallions, flour, water and lastly cooking oil.  Kimchi jeon is usually shared with family or friends and paired with ice cold makgeolli.  Tip: Someone told me to use ice cold water to make the kimchi jeon because it will make the pancake crisper.      

Because of various dietary requirements the ingredients will change depending on the person creating the dish.  This kimchi pancake is the perfect starter to make for beginners.  You don’t need a lot of ingredients, and the cooking time is relatively short.

The recipe I will be referencing is from Korean Bapsang, you can see her recipe, get the ingredients, instructions and video here.

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Because I’m allergic to shellfish I will be using a vegan kimchi.  Additionally, while I’ve made various sides, soup, and stews in this cooking journey I’ve not made my own batch of Kimchi so I will be using fresh kimchi.  Other participants who will be participating in the challenge may also have their own dietary substitutions.  I will try to highlight our different versions in hopes that it might help someone else out there who also requires dietary accessibility. 


How do I enter the challenge?

To enter the challenge, it’s required that you reach out via the contact form or via email at  You can also share photos of your own versions of kimchi jeon on Instagram Stories using #kimchijeonchallenge and tagging @koreanconvenience or in our Facebook group @koreanconven.

What is the Korean Convenience Korean Foodie Cooking Challenge?

This Cooking Challenge is a fun way for us to join together, cook, and share recipes! The community gets to see how we enjoy Korean food, the changes we make, ingredients we add, and more. Being a content creator and entrepreneur has its benefits, however, sometimes it can be incredibly lonely. It helps to get in the kitchen, cook, and commune with each other although virtually!  

Shining a spotlight on the content creators who bring you K-pop, and K-drama reaction videos, mukbangs, and who run small businesses.

Warmest wishes,

Erica Dozier

Founder Korean Convenience

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Credit: Image by Jinsoo Jang from Pixabay.

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