K-Pop World Festival L.A. Finals

2018 Changwon Kpop World Festival Recap

Earlier this month the K-pop dance and vocal academy commenced.  The Academy was hosted by the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles and the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music.  The Academy consisted of a two-week dance and vocal training courses.

There were a total of 80 entries in the Los Angeles area alone.  After completing the academy the L.A. contestants participated in a final showcase.  The best dancers and vocalist were then selected to compete in the finals.

The finals were held on July 28, 2018, at the KCCLA in the Ari Hall room.  A total of 17 contestants competed for a chance to win a trip to South Korea and 1,000 dollars in prize money.

The room was filled with young excited K-pop fans and nervous contestants.  The finals began at six p.m. and started with Martin Kim as the night’s emcee.

For any Shinee fans, you will remember him because he hosted their last promotional tour in the U.S.  Mr. Kim briefly explained the criteria the judges were using to tabulate the finalist performances.

The first group K2O took to the stage consisted of a five-member all-girl group.  They were from West Covina and met in high school.  Later they explained how they first go into k-pop because it was a great way for them to relieve stress.

EM & AM was the second dance finalists to come on stage.  Their music selection “Baby Don’t Stop” by NCT U caused excited screams and a mini sing-along from the audience.

Next up, the mood was slightly changed with a vocalist who sang a traditional trot song.   The song was from Park Seung Cheol and was sung by finalist Antoine Lee.  Antoine said he fell in love with trot music after a teacher suggested he listen to it to learn Hangul.

Finalist, Cosmic Pulse danced to a Black Pink medley.  They stated that Super Junior was the first group that got them into K-pop.  The next vocalist normally sings music from the Philippines.  After her K-pop performance, she beautifully sang a song that left the whole audience cheering.

More finalist took to the stage to sing or dance to the latest K-pop songs.  After each routine, the MC always asked if they won what did they want to do in South Korea?  A lot of the responses were very typical such as shopping, or attending a k-pop concert.

It wasn’t until the seven-member group MKDC took to the stage that the audience chanting revived up full force.  Maybe it’s because of their recent BTS dance cover of FakeLove in N.Y. Time Square.

Their dance cover already has over 1.8 million views on Youtube.  If you would like to see their performance at the Korean Cultural Center click on the link.

Another four finalists completed their performances before the judges went into another room to deliberate.  While the judges deliberated the emcee held dance-offs for door prizes that consisted of printed signed CD’s.

The judges resumed their seats and the winning envelopes were given to the emcee.  The emcee announced the K-pop start best vocal award went to Gyuri.  Gyuri sang “Like It” a song by Yoon Jong-shin.

Kpop World Festival LA Finals, KCCLA, Los Angeles

Next, the emcee announced the winner for the K-pop start best dance award.  The award went to the seven-member group MKDC.

Kpop World Festival LA Finals, KCCLA, Los Angeles

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the L.A. finals.  Good luck to Gyuri, and MKDC as they head to South Korea to participate in the Global competition in October.  I hope you have an awesome experience in South Korea and bring home the grand prize.  Fighting!

For more information about the Korean Cultural Center, K-pop World Festival visit the KCCLA website.   To watch a snippet of the performances check out the KCCLA recap video on their dedicated YouTube channel.

If you want information about the Global Changwon K-pop World Festival contestants visits their Facebook page.

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Kpop World Festival LA Finals, KCCLA, Los Angeles

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