Jogong: International Fan Service

Coffee Carts, Subway Ads, and Flower Gift Sets

South Korea has a long-standing subculture of Jogong.  What’s Jogong you may ask? According to The Korean Times “Jogong” is a culture of gift-giving to celebrities. You can read more on this article “Besotted Fans Splash Out On Cars, Watches For Their K-pop Idols” on The Korea Times website.

I don’t believe in judging fandoms gifts for their monetary value.  However, I do believe that it’s a great way to support local businesses and your favorite K-pop idols.

So what are you able to do when you live thousands of miles away and you want to send well wishes, or a congratulatory message to support your favorite artist’s? Listed below are several companies and organizations that accept donations/payments overseas and will deliver a gift set to your favorite K-pop or Kdrama artists.

Coffee Carts ~ Instagram

Coffee_Mr. Kim

Mr. Kim coffee has been in business for several years and has served coffee carts on several different films, and tv dramas set.  He prides himself as being the first original coffee cart of its kind in Korea.  Fans can order their catering service or a coffee cart that serves fruit bowls, sandwiches, and coffee.


The coffee sleeves along can be saved as a souvenir for some fans.  The Coffeegreate has been in business since March of 2013 and serves coffee, juice, cookies, fruit, and sandwiches.


Premium coffee and handmade cookies are this coffee cart slogan.  Check out their Instagram page and you will see several popular Korean dramas such as The Last Empress, Her Private Life, and The Nokdu Flower.

Flower Gift Sets

Flowers To Korea

If you’re more into spring mood, and you want to give a flower arrangement or an artificial flower stand spray than check out Flowers To Korea.  On their website, they’ve several demonstrations of success delivering arrangements to celebrities in Korea.  In addition, the offer same day delivery anywhere in Korea.  *Website offers language selection in English and (Mandarin) China.

Bus or Subway Signs

Fan N Star

If you don’t want to spend money, but have time on your hands to watch videos and participate socially than check out Fan N Star.  The website offers fans the opportunity to collect stars and in return will promote idols on the side of buses, billboards, and popular subway station advertisements.


Adopt A Star

Are you looking to help scientists and want to support your favorite artists? Another option is to purchase a star in their name.  This nonprofit organization has been in business since 2008 and donates one hundred percent of the proceeds too astronomers.

World Wildlife Fund

Are your favorite artists socially conscious and raises awareness on climate change, forests, and the ocean?  Their mission “To conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth” offers a lasting impact on the planet. On the World Wildlife Fund website, you can make a one-time donation, adopt an animal or become a partner in conservation.

Do you know of any small businesses or organizations that I missed that services K-pop and or K-drama artists in South Korea?  I would love to read your thoughts in the comments down below.

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