How It Works

We’re changing how people with food intolerances consume Korean food.

The Korean Convenience app uses detailed prepackaged product information to personalize your product search to fit your dietary requirements. We’ll help you find product information before you shop so you don’t have to spend hours reading the back of confusing prepackaged labels.

We know that finding new Korean food to try can be a challenge. Here’s how we are making it as convenient as possible.

STEP 01.


Create an account.

Sign-up is free to get started and gives you the benefit to save your food allergies and favorite products.

Or you can browse all products before you create an account to see what we are all about.

Image of the Korean Convenience app.

STEP 02.


Select one or more food allergies.

Find Korean bread, chips, cookies, drinks, ramen, and so much more!

Customize Products Korean Convenience app image

STEP 03.


We choose foods for many reasons besides hunger.

Food allergies, cultural influences, health concerns, convenience, cost, and variety and quantity of the available offerings all come into play when we choose what to eat.

A recent survey suggests we are more interested in diet and health than ever before, save your favorite drinks and snacks for a quick reference later.

Favorite Products Korean Convenience Image

STEP 04.


Reading a menu, or not sure about an ingredient?

Check out our Directory.

Search for words in English or Hangul!

Dictionary Image of Korean Convenience app

STEP 05.


Keep the product details that you want and save time, and money, and shop as conveniently as possible.

Detailed Information of Korean Convenience app.

Ready to plan your shopping experience download the app for free today on iOS or on the Android app store!