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Looking For Travel & Small Business Writers

Korean Convenience aims to inspire travel adventures and entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Asia.

I realize that all travelers are not the same. I know that a traveler’s experience can be  affected by culture, age, ethnicity, travel experience, etc.

My goal is to help ALL travelers that live and or visit Asia to receive the necessary information that will help them make the most of their time spent abroad. If you can describe an experience that will help future travelers or small business owners, get in touch!

What type of articles to submit?

Featured Articles:

Featured articles can be a destination spotlight, a recent trip review, or an opinion on a particular aspect of traveling in Asia. See the South Korea and California latest posts for ideas.

Small Business Articles: 

  • The entrepreneurial process, opportunity in your SEA region from startup, small business to business partners
  • Analysis of issues in entrepreneurship and small business, such as marketing, finance, and technology management 
  • Entrepreneurship education and small business i.e. grants, business accelerators, etc.
  • Internationalization processes, challenges, and effects
  • E-commerce, and other technological influences upon entrepreneurial activity and business configuration

Travel Guides:

I’m always looking to add new travel guides to Korean Convenience, particularly to destinations that are less-visited and off the beaten track! Before submitting a travel guide, please check a preivous post on the website. * Check out the link to previous travel guide here.


  • South Korea
  • China
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Phillippines
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia


How many words should my article or travel guide be? The more the better! If you’ve got a lot to say, then go for it!  Each article must be a minimum of 600 words.

Pay Rate?

A modest payment of $50 is paid upon receipt and acceptance of materials. Materials are considered accepted once they are posted on the website.

How am I credited for my article?

Along with your article or travel guide, please send a few sentences about you; where you’re from, where you’ve traveled, and any other relevant info. I’m happy to include links to your personal travel blog and social networking sites in the bio. at the bottom of the page. 

Supplemental Materials?

Yes! I encourage you to submit photos of locations, food specialties, and any activities you tried. Selfies, no more than one will be included in the post.

Will you share my article on social media?

Yes! I want to share your article with as many people as possible. If you have a page for your travel blog on Facebook, I’ll link to it and tag you on Twitter. Additionally, a custom pin will be created for 7.5K unique followers on Pinterest.

Can I send an article that I’ve already published on my own blog?

To avoid penalties from Google, please don’t send; published articles that have already been published on your own blog or elsewhere online, copyrighted works that are not owned by you, and works that are being considered by another publication. 

The article must be 100% original.

Submitting updates:

I aim to keep this website as up to date as possible, but I can’t do that without your assistance! Asia is changing all the time. To suggest an edit or an update please use the contact us form.


Send your article to Please use the subject line “ARTICLE SUBMISSION”.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Image by Hebi B from Pixabay

About the author: Erica Dozier is a writer and entrepreneur who watches way to many tv dramas in her sparetime. To read more about her visit Korean Convenience about page.