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Food Equality Initiative Highlight

Press Coverage: Sponsor Highlight

We are so thrilled to be featured in the Food Equality Initiative Sponsor Highlight and Magazine in their March/April Issue!

About Food Equality Initiative

F.E.I. mission is to end hunger in the food allergy and celiac disease community since 2014. Recently, they expanded their services to include all diet-treated illnesses and conditions, fully embracing the ‘Food is Medicine’ movement.  Their journal publications in the The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and Social Work in Health Care Journal advocate to highlight the plight of food insecurities and free food has been present since 2016.


Emily Brown has made food allergies her priority since her two children were diagnosed with severe food allergies. She released the inadequacies within child care system after her children’s diagnosis. After life changing events she realized the lack of allergy-friendly food available for low income families. She took the initiative and started the Food Equality Initiative to assist other families dealing with similar circumstances.

The non-profit organization works within the community in Kansas and across the United States. F.E.I three main goals are to provide access, advocate and educate on behalf of the allergy and dietary community. F.E.I. also created the 7 percent fund. The 7 percent fund was created to “address the economic and racial disparities in food allergies. The fund will bring key stakeholders together to close the gap through strategic partnerships with industry and community partners.” ~ (FEI)

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Advertisement: March / April 2022

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