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Facebook Groups To Join For South Korea Expats

Facebook Groups To Join For South Korea Expats

Communities That Help Adjusting To Life Abroad

Do you want to read about foreigners experience while living in South Korea?  Whether you’re an English teacher, a bargain hunter, or an entrepreneur look no further than these specialized groups.

Entrepreneurs In Seoul (EIS)

The group focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to influential people in media, government, and investors.  The group has over 2,000 members and counting and most posts focus on upcoming entrepreneurial events.

LOFT: Legal Office for Foreign Teachers

This group focuses on legal issues that foreigners may encounter while working in South Korea.  Although the advice given isn’t considered “legal advice” the administrator of the group can provide contact information to a labor attorney in South Korea should you need to take legal action against an employer.

HometoHome: Housing In Seoul

This group is a place for people who are searching for housing.  You can find listings posted by other expats/landlords in South Korea.  Posts usually contain information on monthly rent, deposit (key money), location, subway/bus approximate distance, and pictures of the living quarters available.

HBC/Itaewon Information Board

Haebangchon/Itaewon information board are posts from local expats on events, restaurants, housing, and buying/selling used household items in the Haebangchon/Itaewon neighborhoods.

Korea Tourism Organization

This group is really self-explanatory.  The organization offers posts on popular tourist attractions such as music festival, restaurants, museums, and themed tours in South Korea.  Additionally, if you want to stay informed while in South Korea you can read important travel updates concerning health advisories.

KBS News English

This group is covered by the Korean Broadcasting System who is one of the national public broadcaster’s companies in South Korea.  The group provides information in English on local news, Kpop, radio, and entertainment stories occurring within South Korea.

Seoul Veggie Club

This group discusses restaurants, grocery store products and events occurring within South Korea for vegetarians and vegans.

Expat Women in Korea

A group for women who stay in Korea to ask questions and share stories.  Additionally, a feature of the group is that members are encouraged to share their blog on #blogtuesday every week.

Brothas & Sistas of South Korea

This group is for individuals who have lived or plan on living in South Korea.  The group encourages networking and updating the members on racial occurrences that occur within South Korea.

Black In Korea

This group is for expats and tourist who wish to share related events and news such as Korean pop music, Korean Dramas, teaching overseas, etc.  Additionally, there are relevant topics such as foreigner grocery stories, filing taxes abroad, and holiday meetups.

Non-Teaching Job Seekers Korea

This group is for individuals who are looking for work in South Korea and don’t want to teach English or ESL classes.  Frequent posts include modeling, construction, restaurant, and translation opportunities.

Facebook groups are a great way to interact with fellow expats and make new friends who share common interests.  These groups can be both useful and supportive in making your expat life better.

If you want to discover more resources for your trip abroad to South Korea check out:

What Facebook groups would you recommend for living abroad in South Korea? I would love to read your comments down below.

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