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Corn Free Korean Snacks

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Corn Terminology and Corn-Free Munchies

Click any of the products below to see our corn-free guide. Each product will provide the brand name, food allergies, ingredients, and nutrition facts (when available).

In addition to helping buy Korean snack and grocery products this guide serves as a resource for people with food allergies, celiac disease or other food restrictions. This is in no way an extensive list of Korean products available. There are several companies who are creating new and innovative products everyday.

If you have found an allergy-friendly Korean snack please share a review on the Korean Convenience app! 

If you have a sensitivity or food allergy to corn buying snacks or beverages require extra precaution when reading ingredient statements. There are many variations that corn may appear on product labels.  Listed below are ways corn can appear for a reference.

Common Corn By-Product Names:

  1. Corn syrup
  2. Corn starch, starch, modified food starch
  3. Dextrose
  4. Fructose or crystalline fructose
  5. Glucono-delta-lactone: also known as GDL is often found in cured meats
  6. Free Fatty Acids: monoglycerides and diglycerides
  7. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  8. Maize
  9. Malt, malt syrup, malt extract
  10. Maltodextrin, dextrin
  11. Mono-Sodium Glutamate, also known as MSG is often derived from corn
  12. Sucrose –  can come from cane sugar, however some labels read from corn
  13. Sorbitol
  14. Vegetable oil, vegetable broth, vegetable protein, hydrolyzed  vegetable protein, vegetable mono or diglycerides
  15. Zein – the principal protein from corn

Other corn by-products to look out for include: caramel flavoring or coloring, xanthan gum, and sugar (glucose).

Corn Free – Korean Snacks

Homerun Choco Ball

Ivy Low Sugar Cracker

Cream Wafer Original

Yukgaejang Noodle Potato Chips

Candied Sweet Potato Chips (Mattang)

Digit Choco (thin cookies)

Barley Tea

Kanu Mild Roast Coffee

Green Tea (brown rice)

Pocari Sweat – ION Supply Drink

Canned Tuna

Maxim Top Smoky Black Coffee

Barista Rules Americano

Orange Juice

Maeil Mocha

Seoul Coffee Milk

Seoul Original Milk

Nut Milk Porridge

Seoul Organic Milk

Power Cap – Soda Popsicle

Crispy Seaweed Chips

Oi-Ocha Green Tea

Five Grain Rice

References Used: By-Product Of Corn

Nebraska Corn Board “Products Of Corn“, and from the University Of Rochester “Corn-Free Diet-Pediatric Nutrition“.

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Always be on the alert for hidden corn ingredients or changes in the manufacturing processes. Don’t forget to always read the labels before consuming a product. *

Looking for more brands free from the top 9 food allergens, gluten or vegan options?

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