Songtan Mugs Storefront

Black Business Owner In Korea Interview

Cultural Strides Abroad  Jason Holmes is a black-owned business owner who founded the online business Kimchi Socks LLC based out of America and here in South Korea, Songtan Mugs.  Kimchi Socks LLC is an accessories brand that focuses on selling socks tied to various community groups. In a similar space, Jason created Songtan Mugs, where he sells custom apparel and mugs. Recently, I spoke with … Continue reading Black Business Owner In Korea Interview

Escapism Amid Pandemic

Stay Safe, Stay Home Playlist Instead of blogging about business topics or what I’ve learned during a recent webinar or conference.  I want to share what videos I have been watching when I need a good laugh, to relax, or feel nostalgic.   So without further ado here’s my recent playlist of Youtube videos I can watch again and again.  *Closed captioning is available on most … Continue reading Escapism Amid Pandemic

Jogong: International Fan Service

Coffee Carts, Subway Ads, and Flower Gift Sets South Korea has a long-standing subculture of Jogong.  What’s Jogong you may ask? According to The Korean Times “Jogong” is a culture of gift-giving to celebrities. You can read more on this article “Besotted Fans Splash Out On Cars, Watches For Their K-pop Idols” on The Korea Times website. I don’t believe in judging fandoms gifts for … Continue reading Jogong: International Fan Service

International Fans: 5 Ways To Not Feel Left Out

Ideas For Struggling International Fans Who Like Kpop/K-dramas So you’ve started on your journey of learning more about South Korea since you’ve discovered a K-pop group or Korean drama that you really like.  Yet, how do you stay connected to events/life in Korea when you live thousands of miles away? I’ve noticed that a lot of K-pop idols and Korean dramas are using more English … Continue reading International Fans: 5 Ways To Not Feel Left Out

South Korea Blog Posts

My Favorite Blog Post About South Korea Previously, I wrote about my favorite variety of tv shows and my favorite Youtubers in South Korea.  I think that it’s only fitting I share my favorite blog posts on South Korea.  Some of the bloggers on this list I discovered on Pinterest through their stories and travel tips.  While other blogs I read and enjoy their posts … Continue reading South Korea Blog Posts

South Korea Winter Packing Tips

10 Useful Things To Pack For Winter In South Korea South Korea has a lot of things to do during the Winter.  Whether you visit tourist attractions like the Garden of Morning Calm, La Petite France or Christmas shopping in Myeongdong.  If you’re visiting South Korea more than likely your stay will be a week or longer. I have compiled a list of useful things … Continue reading South Korea Winter Packing Tips

Joon Park Wassup Man A Must-See, Korean YouTube Channel, Korean Entertainment

Joon Park: Wassup Man A Must See

Joon Park YouTube Channel Review I first came across Joon Park (Park Joon-Hyung) on a variety show called Roommate.  Park’s outgoing and tell it like it’s personality immediately endears viewers to his onscreen persona.  His frequent chants of JYP Nation and BAAAM! have become synonymous with his brand. Joon Park is a Korean-American singer and entertainer.  He’s best known for his involvement in the boy … Continue reading Joon Park: Wassup Man A Must See

What To Expect The First Week Studying Abroad

What To Expect The First Week Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad Tips After I arrived in South Korea I know that I needed to go to my nearest Daiso store it seemed like every day.  Imagine you’re moving into a new apartment what are the products you will need to purchase; close hangers, a broom, shower slippers the list could go on. However, that’s not what I’m going to write about in this post. … Continue reading What To Expect The First Week Studying Abroad

A Thirty-Something Korean American's Journey To Korea

A Thirty-Something Korean American’s Journey To Korea

This guest post is written by Linda.  I first met Linda, during the one day tour of the Garden of Morning Calm and Petite France in South Korea.  It has been over a year since our first meeting.  During that time we have bonded over our love of travel, food, and family stories.  Below is her inspiring journey of moving and finding employment in Korea.  It … Continue reading A Thirty-Something Korean American’s Journey To Korea

American Misconceptions About Living In South Korea

American Misconceptions About Living In South Korea

Expat Life In South Korea After arriving in South Korea there are always expats who are disappointed and want to go back home.  Usually, there are several reasons why they want to return home after such a short time living abroad. I want to write this post not about whether you should apply to become a teacher or study abroad in South Korea.  I want … Continue reading American Misconceptions About Living In South Korea