Korean Convenience Store Lessons

AS CONVENIENT AS POSSIBLE! Recently, there have been some questions as to why I suddenly posted a product vocabulary list written in Hangul and English. I want to share the reason why I created this list and my future plans. I first came across GRRRL Traveler blog post titled “Just Show Me The Pictures!  Dealing With Language Barriers In Korea.”  It resonated with my current … Continue reading Korean Convenience Store Lessons

Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources

Korean Food: Mukbangs, ASMR, and Recipes If you’re are a fan of Korean dramas than you know that you can’t watch an entire episode without seeing Korean food.  In fact, there have been several dramas that have caused food delivery surges.  What immediately comes to my mind is the Kdrama “My Love From The Star” for its famous chicken & beer a.k.a Chimaek 치맥 scenes. … Continue reading Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources

Asia ​Travel Wishli​st

 Dream Travel Destinations This is my grown-up Christmas travel wish list of places that I would like to visit.  Whether it’s next year or year’s from now, these are the countries that I would like to explore. Here are my top five Asia travel destinations listed in no particular order. #1. Thailand I’ve met so many expats who have visited Thailand or have traveled to … Continue reading Asia ​Travel Wishli​st

Non-Teaching Jobs: South Korea

Foreign Job Opportunities In South Korea When I first decided I wanted to move to South Korea I begin to look for work overseas.  I know that I didn’t want to teach students, however, I didn’t know what other options where available. Here are some additional job opportunities in addition to teaching English in South Korea. GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES USAJobs If you’re a United States … Continue reading Non-Teaching Jobs: South Korea

Pinterest Usage For Startups and Bloggers

Pinterest Usage For Startups And Bloggers

5 Ways to Use Pinterest For Your Blog Or Startup I first came across Pinterest platform because I read on a blog post how you can drive a massive amount of traffic.  Bloggers and small business owners are using Pinterest to build an audience.  I wondered if this was just another method to sell an e-course or if using the platform really works. Down the … Continue reading Pinterest Usage For Startups And Bloggers

Joining Travel Forums Time Well Spent

Joining Travel Forums: Time Well Spent?

Finding The Right Balance Writing On Travel Forums Recently, I started writing reviews of restaurants and places I visit on TripAdvisor.  I started writing these reviews because I wanted to get better at writing reviews that included hotels, restaurants and join their travel forums.  After all, a travel review describes a location, gives information on what to wear, what to pack, associated costs, and so … Continue reading Joining Travel Forums: Time Well Spent?

10 Website and Apps for Visitors To South Korea

10 Websites And Apps For Visitors To South Korea

Necessary Information For A Trip To South Korea I want to compile a list of mobile applications and helpful numbers that are necessary for tourist or expats who plan on visiting South Korea.  This list is a broad range of helpful information that will assist you with traveling, ordering food, and knowing the proper procedures if you experience an emergency situation. Useful Phone Numbers Dial … Continue reading 10 Websites And Apps For Visitors To South Korea

A List Of Websites Great For Conducting Research

A List Of Websites Great For Conducting Research

Are You Looking For Stats, Maps & Information? Whether you’re writing a small business grant, business plan or angel investor pitches at some point you will need to check facts, and gather statistical data because let’s face it you can’t rely on community forums as your go-to for citation documentation. While attending classes at California State University Northridge I often found myself within the library … Continue reading A List Of Websites Great For Conducting Research

Top South Korean Variety Shows To Watch

Top South Korean Variety Shows To Watch

Shows That Will Make You Hungry, Cry, and Laugh I want to give a little insight into my experience so far viewing Korean variety programs.  I believe this is a great way to learn about popular actors/actresses in South Korea without doing a full-on Google search.  Additionally, the programs visit so many historical landmarks, trendy hotspots and breathtaking locations you will be able to gain … Continue reading Top South Korean Variety Shows To Watch