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Food Allergy Resources

Management And Safety Tips

Here is a list of organizations dedicated to helping you learn about managing your food allergies and intolerances.

American Academy of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology (AAAAI)

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) is a membership organization of more than 7,000 allergists/immunologists in the United States, Canada, and various other countries. The AAAAI is patients trusted resource for allergies, asthma, and immune deficiency disorders. Their membership includes allergists/immunologists, other medical specialists, allied health, and related healthcare professionals—all with a particular interest in researching and treating allergic and immunologic diseases.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI)

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is a professional medical organization of more than 6,000 allergists-immunologists and allied health professionals. ACAAI allergists are board-certified physicians trained to diagnose allergies and asthma, administer immunotherapy, and provide patients with the best treatment outcomes.

If you have food allergies or intolerances and love Korean food, check out the Korean Convenience app!

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1953, is the leading patient organization for people with asthma and allergies and the world’s oldest patient group.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Team (FAACT)

A nonprofit with a mission to educate, advocate, and raise awareness for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)

The world’s largest non-profit organization is dedicated to food allergy awareness, education, research, and advocacy; the group provides information, programs, and resources about food allergies and anaphylaxis.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
NIAID’s mission is to conduct and support basic and applied research to understand better, treat, and ultimately prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases. For more than 60 years, NIAID research has led to new therapies, vaccines, diagnostic tests, and other technologies that have improved the health of millions of people in the United States and worldwide.

The MedicAlert Foundation offers 24/7 protection to medical first responders and your family that a medical emergency has taken place.  The Medic Alert Foundation helps protect individuals with life-threatening allergies and asthma conditions.  They’re a nonprofit that has been saving and protecting lives since its founding in 1956. 

National Food Safety Database
Get tips on safely handling and storing food to prevent illness and cross-contamination.

Food Allergy Regulations & Policies

United States Food And Drug Administration

The FDA enforces regulations requiring companies to list ingredients on packaged foods and beverages to protect those with food allergies and other food hypersensitivities. There are more specific labeling requirements for certain foods that cause allergies or hypersensitivity reactions.

The FDA guides the food industry, consumers, and other stakeholders on the best ways to assess and manage allergen hazards in food. The FDA also conducts inspections and sampling to check that major food allergens are adequately labeled on products and to determine whether manufacturers implement controls to prevent cross-contamination. *Cross-contamination is defined as the inadvertent introduction of a significant food allergen into a product. 

USDA – Food Safety And Inspection Service 

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) protects the public’s health by ensuring that meat, poultry, and egg products are safe, wholesome, and properly labeled.  They have over 9,000 team members and are dedicated to food safety.  Find food alerts and also report problems with food.

South Korea – Ministry of Food And Drug Safety

The MFDS’ mission is to provide consumers with more accurate information on food products. MFDS implements related regulations and standards* that requires the labeling of the product name, ingredients, manufactured and expiration dates (quality retention date), net contents, identity and principal place of business, and nutrition information, as well as sanitary instructions for safe storage and warnings on packaging and containers.

If you’re looking for other resources check out:

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Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness

Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness Week

Donate Or Volunteer Opportunities

It’s Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month!  Each time we speak up for ourselves, our friends, our family, or our kids, we raise awareness.

If you would like to donate to the fundraiser that helps F.A.R.E while gaining exposure for yourself or your brand, you can learn more here!

What is F.A.R.E?

FARE is one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations that specializes in raising awareness of food allergies, educating, researching, and providing relevant information. The company was formed in 1991, by a mother whose child was diagnosed with a milk and egg allergy. In 1998 FARE began holding its annual Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness Week.

Food Allergy Awareness Week Mission!

Their goal is to shine a light on the people that take action and make an impact, on behalf of the millions of people around the world that manage food allergies and asthma.

Join The Conversation

There are events taking place throughout this month.  If you visit the Allergic Living website you’ll find webinars, gifts, fundraisers, and donation options you can participate in to spread awareness.  Check out the Allergic Living tool kit for this month.

Korean Convenience – Food Allergies

Search the Korean Convenience app to find allergy-friendly Korean food. Don’t forget to tag us! We want to see the Korean food products you purchase, and share the posts on our social media channels! 

We’re active on the Korean Convenience Instagram so you can share who has helped you raise awareness in your life including your friends, family, and the Korean brands that nourish you.

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Save Time And Find New Products

Features And Benefits Of The App

If you love Korean food then you know that it sometimes can be difficult to read ready-made products. Add an allergy or dietary restriction into the mix were reading every ingredient is an absolute must and it can feel almost overwhelming.

To solve these challenges we’ve created the Korean Convenience mobile app~ a helpful guide to assist food lovers to find allergy-friendly ready-made Korean food as convenient as possible.​  

Find Products

Save Time.  The mobile app will assist individuals with limited knowledge of Hangul to search for products. Korean food lovers can use this free tool to find new products. 

Save Money.  Translate prepackaged food products and provide assistance to customers who suffer from food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Whether you’re looking to buy your favorite ramen or snack, Korean Convenience list ingredients so that each individual can make the best decision for their health.  

Get App: App Store​ and Google Play Store


Customers search for packaged food products that contain the top nine allergens: dairy, eggs, fish, nuts, sesame, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat.


Words and Images. In Korean Convenience, allergies, brand names, prices, and ingredients are all combined in the same space, letting you access your information anytime and anywhere.

Add Products

Find a new product and save the information once.  Korean Convenience makes discovering new products as simple as possible. Take a product image, add ingredients, and helpful tips to increase your favorite lists. It’s never been this easy to create shopping lists.

A – Z Ingredient Directory

Finally, you can read and understand the nutrition labels of prepackaged products by having food ingredients and allergens listed in this extensive directory. English and Hangul translations for beverages, bread, chips, canned meat, ramen, snacks, soups, and more.


  • Photos​—Add new products. Take a photo of the front and back of a product, and add a description, price, cooking time, and instructions. Share it with the community.
  • Save​—A feature that lets you create a favorite list with a simple tap of a heart emoji.
  • Product Type (sign-in req.) ​—A new filter that lets you easily find additional products by product type (drinks, chips, ramen, soups, etc.
  • Foreign Community—All in one convenient location, to find, read, and locate products, now available on one app.  
  • Allergy Search—Allergy search finds products that show you all products that you can buy that don’t include your allergen.
  • Universal App​—Korean Convenience is a universal app that works on Android and iPhones.

Get App: App Store​ and Google Play Store


Korean Convenience is based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2017 the supplemental blog focus on international travel and small business. Korean Convenience provides resources, interviews, and stories of living and owning a business in South Korea.  To further assist foreign communities, the food translations and product information can be used at the grocery store or your nearest convenience store.  


Erica Dozier, Founder of Korean Convenience can be reached at  or (818) 743.9245.

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Korean Convenience Store Lessons


Recently, there have been some questions as to why I suddenly posted a product vocabulary list written in Hangul and English. I want to share the reason why I created this list and my future plans.

I first came across the GRRRL Traveler blog post titled “Just Show Me The Pictures!  Dealing With Language Barriers In Korea.”  It resonated with my current situation of living abroad in South Korea.  I was experiencing the very real situation of wanting to purchase products, yet I couldn’t read the package list of ingredients and how to microwave (cook) the product.  I know many ex-pats frequently use the term trial and error.

Living With Food Allergies

But what if you couldn’t just wing it, without facing real consequences?  I’ve mentioned in other blog posts about my food allergy to shellfish. Keeping that in mind I couldn’t just buy products without facing possible health consequences.

If you’ve ever lived in another country then you’ll understand at some point you create your own list. Whether it’s caring around a pocket dictionary or a grocery list with your frequently bought items. At some point during your travels, you will create a type of cheat sheet to make things easier for you as you travel.

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the

App Store or Google Play Store 

I created a list to share product name(s), and the comparable translation for ex-pats, or tourists to find information on products as convenient as possible.  My goal for this list is to fulfill the need of tourists who can’t read food packages written in Hangul and can’t pronounce the words thereby limiting their access to other translation sources.

This is the digital cheat sheet that eventually I will share with everyone. All items include an option written in English and Hangul for easy reference on popular breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks, and miscellaneous items.

The journey of creating these lists has had its ups and down.  I first set out to create a mobile application. Because of the world we live in, having information on your mobile device, is the most convenient. I remember as I planned my trip to Korea one of the first tasks I tackled was finding out about necessary mobile applications.

You’ve gotten this far in the story. Guess What? The app is finally here check out the Korean Convenience app on the

App Store or Google Play Store 

I have experienced a difficult journey as a blogger, and entrepreneur. After trying to find investors for a mobile application, I tried to find a book publisher while I discussed the idea with an International convenience store chain. So far, all roads lead to a dead end.

I’ve learned what it means to form relationships with Korean companies by asking for product information. Preparing a solid business plan, an elevator pitch, and having a business mentor.

I believe the journey so far has been worth it for future travelers who travel to South Korea.  If I can elevate one person from experiencing walking into a store and feeling completely overwhelmed with the experience of being in a foreign country and not speaking the language.  Then I achieved my mission of assisting ex-pats and tourists in purchasing convenience store food products as conveniently as possible.

I hope that you find the product name(s) and the accompanying translations easy to read and navigate. In the future, maybe there won’t be a need for this list or others like it. Until then I hope to continue to improve this list, and I look forward to the next phase of the journey.

Convenience Store Tips

  • Become familiar with the steps of instant ramen cooking machines. The machines and instructions may vary from store to store. * Check out this instant ramen noodle cooker from Lazo on their Youtube channel and GoBizKorea.
  • Look for the 1+1, and 2+1 daily deals on dairy, drinks, and snack items.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a pair of chopsticks, or utensils at the cash register.

Disclaimer: Korean Convenience stores located in South Korea are run separately.  Each convenience store has a selection of product(s) that may vary from location to location.  There is no guarantee that this list will reflect item(s) and or product(s) available for purchase during your visit.

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Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources

Korean Food: Mukbangs, ASMR, and Recipes

If you’re are a fan of Korean dramas than you know that you can’t watch an entire episode without seeing Korean food.  In fact, there have been several dramas that have caused food delivery surges.  What immediately comes to my mind is the Kdrama “My Love From The Star” for its famous chicken & beer a.k.a Chimaek 치맥 scenes.

If you’re new to Korean dramas and or Korean food that you’re probably wondering what’s all the hype.  I decided to share some of my favorite bloggers, vloggers, and mukbang hosts.

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 

Mukbangs originated from South Korea and first became popular in 2010.  The term is a combination of the Korean word for eating (muk-ja) and broadcasting (bang-song).  The term mukbang refers to a live stream of a host(s) who consume large amounts of food while engaging with an audience.

Some mukbangers cook their food and some don’t speak at all a.k.a. ASMR. ASMR is an abbreviated term for autonomous sensory meridian response videos.  There is a multitude of options available, it’s really your preference.

So whatever your food style preference (restaurants, crock pot, easy home cooking, etc.).  I’ve included a variety of different websites and YouTubers in hopes that you will be able to find a new blogger or vlogger to assist with your love for Korean food.


In the past, I wrote about watching Maangchi Youtube videos on visiting a Korean grocery store.  There are also other recipes that I save on my Pinterest account that helps me with finding both easy and hard versions of popular Korean dishes.

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 


Hyosun Ro is a Korean-American and mother of two children.  She provides recipes that teach you how to cook Korean dishes the way Koreans traditionally prepare at home.  She features side dishes, slow cooker, desserts, and vegetarian recipes. She has been featured on Korean Food Gallery, Asian Palate, Bon Appetit, and many more.

Hyosun Ro: Website | Instagram | Pinterest


Jin Joo was born and raised in Korea before moving to the states over 20 years ago. Since that time has gotten married, started a family and earned a degree in Engineering.  She provides step-by-step recipes, tips and video tutorials for the novice to the experienced cook.

Jin Joo: Website | Instagram | Pinterest

My Korean Kitchen  

Sue is an author, cook, and the photographer behind My Korean Kitchen.  She was born and raised in South Korea and is currently living in Australia.  She has published two Korean cookbooks The Banchan Cookbook and How To Enjoy Korean BBQ At Home.  She has been featured in Lonely Planet, Saveur, Serious Eats, and BuzzFeed.

Sue: Website| Instagram | Pinterest

Korean Made Simple

Judy Joo is one of the hosts on Iron Chef a popular TV program on the Food Network UK.  In addition, she’s a Chef, Restauranter, and author of Korean Food Made Simple.  Her love for food and cooking began at home, where she often watched her mother cook authentic Korean dishes.

Judy Joo: Website|  Instagram



Mina Oh creates travel episodes, learning lessons (Korean Language and Culture), and snack reviews on her Snack Tub Korea.  Viewers can discover places to visit in Korea and Koreatown (U.S. Locations) as she tastes and describes popular Korean dishes.

*Korean Language Tip: If you’re learning the Korean language she’s definitely worth checking out as she dresses up as unique characters to create entertaining and fun educational videos.

SweetandTastyTV: Website | YouTube | Instagram

Strictly Dumpling

Mike Chen is ready to take on the challenge.  His love for dumplings has to lead to his many travels throughout Asia and the United States.  He chronicles his journey on his Youtube channel and sometimes collaborates with other popular channels such as The Try Guys.

Strictly DumplingYouTube | Instagram


Daniel and Katie are eager to teach Korean home cooking to everyone in the world.  I like how before every video viewers are given the level of difficulty and are shown a brief step-by-step process of how to cook each dish.

Watch as Daniel prepares banchan recipes, dinner dishes, lunch boxes, and so much more.

Future Dish: Website |Future Neighbor YouTube | Instagram

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 



Keemi Kim has over 800,000 subscribers and combines mukbangs with a quick cooking show.  She gives an easy/relaxed vibe when she cooks Korean dishes, takes on challenges and chats on her video live stream.

Keemi: YouTube | Instagram | ASMR


She has over 465,000 subscribers and the main focus is Korean vegan options.  She gives a busy family mommy vibe as she cooks Korean food, and shares a relatable story time.  Look for her one or all of her three children to join in on the mukbang once it begins.

MommyTang: YouTube | Instagram

Thien Le 

I included Thein Le not only because he’s a Californian, but he includes a mixture of restaurant and homemade dishes.  He has over 200,000 subscribers and recommends local places to grab tasty Korean food and other fast food restaurants.

Thien LeYouTube | Instagram

Korean Food Sharing Websites

Korean Food Gallery

Their websites aim is to showcase pictures and websites to delicious Korean dishes submitted by Korean food enthusiasts.  The website was created is by Barrel, a digital creative agency located in New York City.

Website Navigation Tip: Search different categories, browse through the photo gallery, shop related products, and or click on personal blogs written by Korean food lovers.

To find out more information on Korean Food Gallery check out their website to discover the latest food recipes.

10,000 Recipes

Are you looking to practice reading Hangul?  Then you might want to check out this website.  Recipes along with a quick Youtube video are provided to teach you how to prepare these dishes.  *Website Tip: Scroll down to the midway/bottom of the webpage to watch the video of how dishes are prepared.

Read more information on 10,000 Recipes to discover the latest recipes, food blogs, and Instagrams.

Looking for information about Korean snacks? Get the Korean Convenience app on the App Store or Google Play Store 

Asian Pairings ~ Wine

Jeannie Cho Lee

Lee is a Master Of Wine and an award-winning author.  Her book Asian Palate aims to Saveur Asian food dishes while pairing the best selections of wine.  She has been featured in Food & Wine, Forbes and Bloomberg news stories.

Read more about Jeannie Cho Lee latest projects on her website.

Do you have any favorite Korean food blogs or YouTube channels you enjoy?  I would love to read your comments.

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