Sweet Potato Bread

48 Hour Sweet Potato Bread

SPC Samlip, 48-Hour Sweet Potato Bread

SPC Samlip: 48시간숙성 밤알송송 고구마팡


A moist and soft bread made with pieces of sweet potato and chestnuts.

Food Allergies

eggs, gluten, tree, nuts, wheat


vegetable oil, starch syrup, margarine, yeast, sugar, sweet potato, emulsifiers, dextrin, wheat flour, citric acid, nuts, salt, whey, egg

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 90 g, 281 kcal

Sodium (나트륨): 240 mg
Carbohydrates (탄수화물): 45 g
Sugars (당류): 20 g
Total Fat (지방):  9 g
     Trans Fat (트랜스 지방): 0 g     
     Saturated Fat (포화 지방): 3.1 g
Cholesterol (콜레스테롤): 35 mg 
Protein (단백질): 5 g

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