Baked Donuts

Baked Donuts

SPC Samlip, Baked Donuts

SPC Samlip: 오븐에구운도넛


A sugary and soft-baked donut that is simple and delicious.

Food Allergies:

eggs, gluten, milk, soybean, wheat


palm oil, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, emulsifiers, wheat flour, egg, margarine, soybean oil, acidity regulator, purified water, processed butter

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 200 g, 963 kcal, 5 Total

Sodium (나트륨): 490 mg
Carbohydrates (탄수화물): 105 g
Sugars (당류): 56 g
Total Fat (지방):  55 g
     Trans Fat (트랜스 지방): 0.8 g     
     Saturated Fat (포화 지방): 31 g
Cholesterol (콜레스테롤): 115 mg 
Protein (단백질): 11 g

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