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Best Books For Non-Tech Founders

best book non technical founder

A Reading List For Non-Tech Founders

While it’s essential to know how your mobile app works (wireframe outline), you also need to know what to do after you’ve created your layout.  How do you market, sell advertisements, and obtain downloads from the app you just created?  Here are the books I recommend to get started.

Level Up

Written by Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson this book dives into Stacey and Lara’s journey of meeting, and their success and failures with running a small business. Their mission is “To help small-business owners like us change the game and Level Up.”

The DevOps Handbook

They say that you should build a strong foundation for your home so that it can withstand rain, snow, sleet, and floods.  This book is great for non-technical founders to read as it showcases the need for integration. Let’s face it you’re not going to develop your mobile application without assistance.  

Knowing the development process will help you work with your UI/UX developers.  It also doesn’t hurt to learn some of the technical terms such as dark launching, performance testing, and stream mapping.

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Rise & Grind

Rise and Grind is written by FUBU Founder and Shark Tank host Daymond John.  The book discusses how you need to rise and grind every day.  Any entrepreneur can relate to Daymond’s stories of how he needed both grit and persistence to launch his clothing brand and build it into a 6 billion-dollar business.  I found this book the most helpful on the days when you need extra motivation.

App Secrets

This book discusses how you can use the business strategies of other apps like Uber, Instagram, and Candy Crush.  While no two businesses will achieve success in the exact same way, it’s good to read how these businesses developed their app to go viral, obtain millions of downloads, and are now billion-dollar businesses.

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Mobile App Marketing & Monetization

Alex Genadinik wrote this book for independent entrepreneurs like myself.  He shares his strategies on how to get thousands of downloads, and app store marketing.  It’s great to read about the success of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, but I’m not a million-dollar tech company.  I need simple and effective strategies that I can implement with the limited resources that I have available. 

If you’re a non-technical founder I hope this post and others that I’m writing about my journey to build an app will help you get started.  After all, no one can define your business better than you can.    

If you have any must-read books for non-technical founders with limited resources, I would love to read your comments below. 

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