Lunch 도시락 Burger 햄버거 Cheeseburger 치즈 버거 Veggie Patty 채소 패티 Chicken 치킨 Baked 구운 치킨 Boiled 삶은닭 Fried 닭튀김 치킨 Chicken Sandwich 치킨샌드위치 Chicken Strips 치킨스트립 French Fries 감자 튀김 Toppings Barbecue Sauce 바베큐 소스 Curry Powder 카레 가루 Ketchup (tomato) 케첩 Mayonnaise 마요네즈 Mustard 머스타드 Pesto 페스토 Pickled Relish 피클 풍미 Pickles 절인 것 Wasabi 와사비 Soup  수프 Chunky 땅딸막 한 수프 Gluten … Continue reading Lunch

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits – 과일 Apple 사과 Apricots 살구 Avocado 아보카도 Banana 바나나 Blackberry 블랙 베리 Blueberries 블루 베리 Cantaloupe 칸 탈 루 프 Cherimoya 체리 모야 Cherry 체리 Clementine 클레멘 타인 Coconut 코코넛 Cranberry 크랜베리 Durian 두리안 Figs 무화과 Grapefruit 자 몽 Grapes 포도 Guava 구아바 Honeydew Melon 메론 Jackfruit 잭 프룻 Jujube 대추 Kiwi 키위 Kiwano 키 와 노 Korean Melon 참 외 Lemon 레몬 … Continue reading Fruits and Vegetables


Breakfast – 아침 Bagel 베이글 Bagel Types Asiago Cheese 아시아 산 치즈 Blueberry 블루 베리 Chocolate Chip 초콜릿 칩 Cinnamon Raisin 계피 건포도 Cinnamon Sugar 계피 설탕 Everything 모든 Garlic 마늘 Onion 양파 Plain 평범한 Poppy Seed 양귀비 씨 Salt 소금 Sesame Seed 참깨 Bread 빵 Bread Types Toast 토스트 Baguette 바게트 Brioche 브리오 세 Bun 좋은 Ciabatta Croissant 크루아상 Pita 피타 Rye 호밀 Multigrain … Continue reading Breakfast

Big Rice Korean Cuisine Review

Bulgogi Lunch Box Spring was in the air as I walked around the Descanso Gardens.  The gardens were filled with happy children waiting to ride the mini train.  Touring the colorful tulip beds, rose and lilac bushes, I came upon a Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom.  I was reminded of my time spent in Korea during the cherry blossom season.  Whenever I began to … Continue reading Big Rice Korean Cuisine Review

A Platform For Entrepreneurs: Seoul Startups

Seoul Startups Informational Interview In my continuous search to connect and highlight entrepreneurs involved in the startup scene in South Korea, I was referred to Seoul Startups. Seoul Startups is administered by Marta, a native from Poland, who has lived in Korea for 14 years. After years of working in a corporation, she has transitioned to a freelancer with the goal of assisting entrepreneurs in … Continue reading A Platform For Entrepreneurs: Seoul Startups

Los Angeles Original Farmers Market

St. Paddy’s Day Celebration & Souvenir Tour Spring is on its way.  There’s a change in the air, one week it was so cold in L.A. that I needed a heater all night, now barely a week later and I’m dusting off the fan.  The flowers are blooming.  I’m reminded of that famous quote: “If you want to see the sunshine you have to weather … Continue reading Los Angeles Original Farmers Market

Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources

Korean Food: Mukbangs, ASMR, and Recipes If you’re are a fan of Korean dramas than you know that you can’t watch an entire episode without seeing Korean food.  In fact, there have been several dramas that have caused food delivery surges.  What immediately comes to my mind is the Kdrama “My Love From The Star” for its famous chicken & beer a.k.a Chimaek 치맥 scenes. … Continue reading Korean Food: Bloggers And YouTube Resources

Starting A Business In Korea

Korea Business Informational By Ahn Sehoon Ahn Sehoon is the manager at Seoul Global Center in Korea.   The Seoul Business Agency was established to promote and develop industries in Korea.  In addition, it provides comprehensive and systematic support to SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) located in Seoul.”   The Seoul Global Center business team is operated by the SBA, on behalf of the Seoul City … Continue reading Starting A Business In Korea

International Fans: 5 Ways To Not Feel Left Out

Ideas For Struggling International Fans Who Like Kpop/K-dramas So you’ve started on your journey of learning more about South Korea since you’ve discovered a K-pop group or Korean drama that you really like.  Yet, how do you stay connected to events/life in Korea when you live thousands of miles away? I’ve noticed that a lot of K-pop idols and Korean dramas are using more English … Continue reading International Fans: 5 Ways To Not Feel Left Out

DineL.A. For Korean Foodies

Korean Restaurants Participating In DineL.A. If you’re not familiar with DineL.A. it’s a fifteen-day dining experience held twice a year by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board.  Restaurants that participate offer special lunch and dinner courses to diners for a set menu price. So, for all the Korean BBQ foodies who live in Los Angeles or plan on visiting in the next 10 days check … Continue reading DineL.A. For Korean Foodies