Underwood Family Farms Entrance

Underwood Family Farms Fall Events  

Berry Picking, Petting Zone, and Train Rides It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to change and scenic long drives are necessary.  Whether you like to go pick apples, visit pumpkin patches, or sip lattes fall activities are on the horizon. This past weekend I went to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, California.  It’s seems like a great place to get out … Continue reading Underwood Family Farms Fall Events  

How I Chose A Technical Bootcamp

Product Development Process: CAD & CAM Training Recently, I’ve been apart of the first APC Fellowship organized by (LACI) or the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.  Their mission states: “LACI is building a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem that integrates women, people of color and other under-represented groups into the cleantech sector.”. This whole experience gave me a lot more than an introduction to a CNC … Continue reading How I Chose A Technical Bootcamp

Jogong: International Fan Service

Coffee Carts, Subway Ads, and Flower Gift Sets South Korea has a long-standing subculture of Jogong.  What’s Jogong you may ask? According to The Korean Times “Jogong” is a culture of gift-giving to celebrities. You can read more on this article “Besotted Fans Splash Out On Cars, Watches For Their K-pop Idols” on The Korea Times website. I don’t believe in judging fandoms gifts for … Continue reading Jogong: International Fan Service

Korean Convenience Store Lessons

AS CONVENIENT AS POSSIBLE! Recently, there have been some questions as to why I suddenly posted a product vocabulary list written in Hangul and English. I want to share the reason why I created this list and my future plans. I first came across GRRRL Traveler blog post titled “Just Show Me The Pictures!  Dealing With Language Barriers In Korea.”  It resonated with my current … Continue reading Korean Convenience Store Lessons

Entrepreneur Korea Interview

Part of my ongoing effort to keep up to date on events occurring in South Korea, I joined Entrepreneurs In Seoul Facebook group. Tony is another member within the group and he recently launched a new venture Entrepreneur Korea. I asked if he would be willing to share with Korean Convenience readers about his experiences? The following interview was written by Tony about his experiences … Continue reading Entrepreneur Korea Interview


Bath Soap 목욕 비누 Batteries 배터리 Cleansing Cloths 클렌징 천 Cotton Swabs 면봉 Cough Drops 기침 방울 Dental Floss 치실 Deodorant 탈취제 Detergent 세정제 Dish Soap 주방 비누 Fabric Softener 섬유 연화제 Face Wipes 얼굴 용 물티슈 Facial Tissue 얼굴 조직 Lip Balm 립밤 Mouthwash 양치질 약 Razor (men) 남성용 면도기 Razor (women) 여성 면도기 Sunblock 자외선 차단제 Tampons 탐포 Toothbrush 칫솔 Toothpaste 치약 Umbrella … Continue reading Miscellaneous


Snack 간식 Acorn Jelly 도토리 젤리 Candy 캔디 Candy Bar 캔디 바 3 Musketeers 머스킷티어 초코 Almond Joy 아몬드 기쁨 Airheads 에어 헤드 Baby Ruth 아기 루스 Bit O’ Honey 비트 오 ‘꿀 Boston Baked Beans 보스톤 구운 콩 Butterfinger 버터 핑거 Charleston Chew 찰스턴 츄 Chick-O-Stick 병아리 콩 Clark 클락 Cotton Candy 솜사탕 Ferrero Rocher 페레로 로쉐 Fun Dip 재미있는 딥 Jolly Rancher 졸리 … Continue reading Snacks

Meat, Fish and Beans

Meat  고기 Bacon 베이컨 Beef 소고기 Bison 바이슨 Buffalo 물소 Chicken 치킨 Chuck steak 척 스테이크 Cutlet 얇게 저민 고기 Duck 오리 Goat 염소 Guanciale 관세청 Lamb 양고기 Pancetta 판 체타 Pork 돼지 고기 Rabbit 토끼 Squab 비둘기 새끼 Turkey 터키 Veal 송아지 고기 Venison 사슴 고기 Fish 물고기 Anchovies 멸치 Bluefish 블루 피쉬 Branzino 브란 지노 Catfish 메기 Cod 대구 Grouper 그루퍼 Halibut 넙치 … Continue reading Meat, Fish and Beans


Lunch 도시락 Burger 햄버거 Cheeseburger 치즈 버거 Veggie Patty 채소 패티 Chicken 치킨 Baked 구운 치킨 Boiled 삶은닭 Fried 닭튀김 치킨 Chicken Sandwich 치킨샌드위치 Chicken Strips 치킨스트립 French Fries 감자 튀김 Toppings Barbecue Sauce 바베큐 소스 Curry Powder 카레 가루 Ketchup (tomato) 케첩 Mayonnaise 마요네즈 Mustard 머스타드 Pesto 페스토 Pickled Relish 피클 풍미 Pickles 절인 것 Wasabi 와사비 Soup  수프 Chunky 땅딸막 한 수프 Gluten … Continue reading Lunch