Asia ​Travel Wish-li​st

 Dream Travel Destinations

This is my grown-up Christmas travel wish list of places that I would like to visit.  Whether it’s next year or year’s from now, these are the countries that I would like to explore.

Here are my top five Asia travel destinations listed in no particular order.


I’ve met so many expats who have visited Thailand or have traveled to the country. There’s a large expat community who create small businesses and teaches English.  Not only is there excellent opportunities for expats I’ve also heard that Thai people are nice and friendly.

Places I would like to visit include their beautiful beaches, temples, and the floating food market.


Although I’ve had a layover in Japan’s Narita Airport, I didn’t get a chance to see this beautiful country.  My top foodie to-do list is visiting a Michelin starred sushi restaurant, eating Kobe beef, and Ramen.

Places I would like to visit include an Onsen (Japan hot spring bath), a Japanese Garden, and Shirahige Waterfall.  *I found out about Shirahige Waterfall on the Korean Variety show Battle Trip.  Ever since I’ve watched that episode I’ve wanted to visit Japan during the Winter.

If you’re interested in watching the Hokkaido Tour episode of Battle Trip click on the video below.

Bali – Indonesia

I think this destination really speaks for itself with the beautiful beaches, tea fields, and romantic hotspots.  This is definitely, a place I would like to visit, however, I don’t want to travel solo, I think I would prefer to go with friends.


Since I watched my first Bollywood film I’ve wanted to visit India.  Of course, I want to see some of the most tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal, and the Ganges river.  In addition, I want to experience an overnight train ride, eat authentic curry with naan, and shop at an outdoor street market.


I’ve been to Las Vegas several times either for bachelorette parties, weddings, and birthdays.  However, I’ve never been to this popular destination in Asia.  I first saw Macau in one of the favorite Korean dramas “Boys Over Flowers.”  Since then I’ve wanted to wear a masquerade mask and go on a gondola ride.

There are additional travel destinations that I wish to add to the list such as Singapore and Malaysia.  However, for now, I will share these travel destinations as places I want to visit.

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In response to your #2 wish, if I may be so bold, I would recommend coming to Shikoku! Of course, you should go and check out Tokyo and Kyoto, but to have experiences that are away from the crowds and tourists, Shikoku is very much the “undiscovered frontier”. As for the rest of your list, I share the same hope. I still need to go to Thailand, Macau, India, and Bali! Thanks for sharing your blog!

Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve not read a lot about Shikoku, but I do prefer places that are away from the crowds more than the tourist’s areas.

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