American YouTubers In South Korea You Need To Follow

Beauty, and Life In Korea Vlogs

I want to share with you some of my favorite American YouTubers who live in South Korea!

When I seriously began to consider living abroad in South Korea I wanted to know what “A Day in Seoul” resembled.  There are thousands of YouTubers out there vlogging about their life.  Here are some of my favorites who urged me forward with their videos of snowcapped mountains while relaxing in a hot sauna, their young entrepreneurial spirit, and cherry blossom landscapes like no book could ever describe.

If you want to watch someone who’s a little bit quirky and clumsy with a sense of humor to laugh about it all checkout WhitneyBaeURL.  After earning her Bachelors in Engineering she accepted a job offer to a major conglomerate located in South Korea.  Her love for telling a great story, Kpop music, hip-hop dancing, and modeling soon took over as she shares her journey of being a fulltime Youtuber while living in South Korea.  Additionally, you may want to check out her Korean channel WhitneyBae.

Beauty, style and choreographing the occasional music video Edward Avila covers it all.  Known for his extreme facial close-ups and reacting to the occasional Kpop music videos by Monsta X  if you want to be entertained on Korean beauty products and his travels of nearby Asian countries he is a joy to watch.

Joan Kim a style and beauty vlogger that literally exemplifies the hustle and bustle of Seoul.  Watch her juggle her life between her part-time job as a radio DJ, CosRx spokesperson and recreational time with her Marvel obsessed brother Abe.

Last, but certainly not least is Megan Bowen.  Discover interesting vegan cafes and restaurants as she shares her experiences with Korean culture and covers topics on “How Not To Date In Korea, and “How She Learned Korean.”

This is only a fraction of the wonderful Youtubers who live in South Korea and chronicle their daily lives.

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Do you have any favorite Youtubers you think I should check out?  Let me know in the comments down below.

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