Erica Dozier

Hello or 안녕하세요!

I’m Erica Dozer and I’m managing food allergies (shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts) in my daily life.  Actually, I’m one of four people in my family with a shellfish allergy.  

I created Korean Convenience after I returned from living in South Korea and experiencing firsthand what it’s like to walk into a convenience store and feel utterly helpless because I couldn’t read the product labels written in Hangul.  I tried doing simple translations and found how time-consuming and frustrating it’s to research multiple ingredients listed on one prepackaged food product.

I interviewed individuals who have allergies, dietitians, and allergists located in South Korea and the States.  With their assistance, I created the mobile application Korean Convenience to assist future travelers with reading and researching products as conveniently as possible.

My goal is to help individuals with food allergies and dietary restrictions discover new prepackaged food products.  To shop, and eat like the locals with helpful cooking and related buying instructions  to use at your local convenience or grocery store.  Let’s face it, the world is tough enough going to buy to food shouldn’t be one of those obstacles.