A List Of Websites Great For Conducting Research

Are You Looking For Stats, Maps & Information?

Whether you’re writing a small business grant, business plan or angel investor pitches at some point you will need to check facts, and gather statistical data because let’s face it you can’t rely on community forums as your go-to for citation documentation.

While attending classes at California State University Northridge I often found myself within the library halls searching rows of books.  Here are some of the resources I compiled to assist with anything from business proposals to blog posts.

Public Libraries

Check out your local public library, I know that in California with your library card you can gain access to free Lynda Courses.  In the past, I’ve taken refresher courses on Excel or Powerpoint, however since starting my blog their courses on how to start a WordPress website, SEO Integration, and Marketing has proven to be the step-by-step guidance I needed to become successful with launching my blog.

Additionally, there are two national libraries you might want to check out.  The first is the World Digital Library, the library has close to 20,000 items to explore from over 190+  countries.  The second library is the Library of Congress it has legislation decisions, maps, and a research and reference services.

Historical Societies

If you need information on the history, language, religions, and cultures than the historical societies ebooks are one of the resources that you can access.  The Royal Asiatic Society has locations in Korea, China, Japan, and Sri Lanka just to name a few.

The Korean Law Blog

If you’re looking to stay up to date with the laws of South Korea that pertain to franchise agreements, taxes, real estates, patents laws and startup Visas than this blog is worth checking out.  It’s created and frequently updated by Sean Hayes who’s a New York attorney who was once employed by the Korean Courts.

Chamber of Commerce

One of the mentors who presented during my first business class mentioned that he was a part of the American Chamber of Commerce Korea.  It was then, that I realized this was a great way of networking with other business organizations in South Korea. To view a listing of International Chambers of Commerce checkout the linked Entrepreneur article.

University Alumni Interviews

While I lived abroad I was surprised to see in my inbox an alumni networking event being held in South Korea by California State University Northridge.  Before I received the message I never thought to research if there were other alumni living in South Korea.  A great resource that I have used to find past alumni is on Linkedin.

Google Books & Google Scholar

Searching for information on a specific country, person, or landmark Google Books (full-text books) and Google Scholar (articles & case law) are great online archives.  The ability to access magazines, and books anywhere in world warrants a mention of this online resource. If you’re looking for Korean magazines that have been translated into English you can read Korea Magazine.  Additionally, a book that I have found helpful is the Korean Way In Business: Understanding and Dealing with the South Koreans in Business.

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