Traveling Abroad With Allergies

Traveling With Food Allergies

What Do Expats & Tourists Want?

Take The Survey

Are you currently an expat on a foreign work assignment and or have traveled to countries within Asia with a food allergy?

Have you lived and worked abroad in the past?

Then this survey is for you!


Please take a few brief minutes to answer these short fourteen questions.  The survey is for expats, tourists, foodies, and or business travelers who have traveled within Asia with food allergies.

The survey is designed to help better understand how people who live, travel and or work abroad deal with food allergies in a foreign country.  The information obtained in this survey will assist with the product development of my mobile application.

If you would like to read more information about the product development of my mobile application check out Korean Convenience Store Lessons and How I Chose A Technical Bootcamp posts.

Thank you for participating in this short survey! Your time is greatly appreciated.

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