Apple Picking and Farm Activities

Experience At Los Rios Rancho Farm

Los Rios Rancho has over 100 hundred acres of farmland.  The ranch history dates back to 1906 when they planted over 20,000 apple trees.  The farm produces apples, pumpkins, berries, corn, and chestnuts.

The ranch has free admission and parking and receives over 500,000 yearly visitors.  This month farm event features the Apple Butter Festival.  In addition, every weekend the farm hosts wagon rides, live musical entertainment, and the little seedling ranch (petting area) for small children.  

For these reasons, my sister and I choose to visit the Los Rio Ranchero.  Advice from friends told us to arrive early to beat the long restaurant lines and eat as much food as possible before we headed back to the city.

After we drove over an hour, we drove up the 5,000 elevation level through the windy mountain road.  *Ranch tip: Bring a light jacket and wear layers as it’s colder in the mountain areas. We arrived at the ranch at 10:00 a.m. and headed straight to the restaurant area.

Market Barn and Kitchen

Apple Picking And Farm Activities, San Bernardino

I choose the tri-tip combo meal, which included a tri-tip sandwich, side dish (potato salad), and a drink for $12.95.  For an additional fee, you can purchase an apple cider drink instead of a fountain drink.  

Apple Picking And Farm Activities, San Bernardino, Rib-tip sandwich combo

The bread on the sandwich was incredibly soft and chewy and the meat was tender with a hint of smoke from the grill.   The potato salad was seasoned with dill and mustard.  The entire meal was really yummy and accompanied the nice weather in San Bernardino.

After finishing our food we headed to the nature trails to burn calories and make room for dessert.  

Oak Glen Preserve  

Apple Picking And Farm Activities, San Bernardino, Oak Glen Preserve

The ranch is connected to the Oak Glen Preserve “The Wetlands Conservancy.”  The 909-acre preserve is open daily and free of charge.  The Preserve has the California Montane Botanic Garden and a Children’s Discovery Center.

Walking along the nature trails offered a sense of serenity and calmness.  Before every path, there was a stone or metal slab with a quote from a famous poet or author.

We walked through the Conifers of California small hilly path and down to where the duck pond is located.  *Garden tip: Where old tennis/comfortable shoes because of the dust and the walking path is littered with uneven with rocks and debris.

To find out more about the Wildland Conservation efforts and programs check out their website at or call at (909) 797-8507.

Apple U-Pick

Because of a bumper crop, there is an abundance of a special selection of the Arkansas Black Apples.  The ranch provides a grocery bag to go into the orchard and select your own apples.  After listening to two ranch hands explain how to properly pick and choose apples, we made our way through the apple trees to find the best fruit.

The Arkansas Black Apples were crispy and sweet and we enjoyed them the following day with breakfast croissants and coffee.  After we choose several apples we went to the entrance of the orchard and weighed our apples.  It costs $5 per pound and in the end, we had only picked (4 apples) which turned out to be just five dollars.    

We worked up an appetite again so we headed back to the gift shop and corn stand area.  

The Gift Shop/Sweet Corn

Inside the gift shop, there’s jam and jellies and almost every kind of sweet treat that is made with apples.  The gift shop had a variety of candy apples, apple pies, and gifts to purchase.  

We choose the apple donuts, which were coated with sugar and cinnamon.  It would go perfectly with a cup of coffee if you’re looking to start your day at the ranch with breakfast.

In addition, to the apple fritters, we also wanted to try their sweet corn on the cob.  The corn costs $4.75 and had different flavor toppers you could add onto the corn depending on your preference.  

However, I don’t feel that it needed anything added onto it, it was one of the sweetest corn on the cobs that I’ve ever eaten and is worth the price. *Tip: The corn stand is cash only, don’t forget to bring money to pay for any snacks.  

We made our way over to the picnic area and rested a while before heading back to Los Angeles.  Overall this is a great fall activity for families, and friends to experience.

Los Rio Rancho is located at 39611 Oak Glen Road. Oak Glen, CA 92399.  To find out more information about hosting birthdays, weddings, and visiting the ranch check out their website at or call (909) 797-1005.

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