Twelve Tips For E-commerce Startups

E-commerce Business Startup Tips 

Recently, I attended a “How To Start A Successful E-commerce Business.”  The event was held at the Valley Economic Development Center.  

Richard Stern has over 20 years consulting small businesses and entrepreneurs in the apparel and fashion industry.  As the instructor for the evening, he provided the necessary steps to launch an online business.

Here are the bullet points on how to successfully launch an online business:

Website Tips:

  1. Terms Of Return must be on the website.  Should be easy to access for consumers.
  2. The website should have search engine optimization (SEO) with page speed, image, video, and mobile-friendly visibility.
  3. Every product(s) needs its own page.  Each page should include (what the item is, cost, information about the item, and sizes.

Shipping Tips:

  1. If you receive a lot of orders from a specific country call consulate of the country and ask for local shipping companies to cut costs.
  2. Make an agreement with the shipping company (FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Drop Shipping).  A sales agent from the shipping company should explain how much it will costs to ship by region/country.  
  3. Factor in costs: Find out how much money it costs to ship to a country and then add the total to your product (s) pricing.  

Advertising Tips:

  1. Use Adwords to check and find out how hard it’s to find your business website.  Setup and manage an Adwords campaign using targeted keywords and budget.
  2. Run one advertising campaign at a time to see what works and what needs to be revamped.
  3. Sell business to business (B2B) and to business to consumers (B2C) to maximize sales.  *Create separate landing pages for each B2B and B2C with a focus on consumers specific needs.    

Business Tips:

  1. *Go the additional step: 10 days after purchase survey your customer.  Check-in with the consumer on product(s) likeability, the reason for purchase, and the likelihood of purchasing again in the future.
  2. Purchase product liability or service liability insurance.  Make sure that you inform the insurance company that you want basic protection and get a bid quote.
  3. Request information from manufacturers and ask what can go wrong with the product(s).  Then create a list for consumers and add to the website to protect yourself from legal hassles.

The tips that are provided does not include the additional components of creating a successful online business: forming an S-Corporation, Trademarks, and Domain basics.  If you would like more information on these topics visit the Small Business Administration website.

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