South Korea Winter Packing Tips

10 Useful Things To Pack For Winter In South Korea

South Korea has a lot of things to do during the Winter.  Whether you visit tourist attractions like the Garden of Morning Calm, La Petite France or Christmas shopping in Myeongdong.  If you’re visiting South Korea more than likely your stay will be a week or longer.

I have compiled a list of useful things to pack for winter weather in South Korea, so you don’t have to purchase these items during your stay.  Check out this South Korea packing list and see which items if not all will be useful to you.

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  1. Long Insulated Winter Coat – Most city attractions are outside.  Which means that you will be susceptible to the elements. Having a warm coat that keeps away the wind will help you enjoy your time spent outdoors.
  2. Water Resistant Winter Boots – You can wake up in the morning to snow or it may have snowed the night before.  If you’re from the West Coast (California girl) then you’re not familiar with slippery streets and sidewalks.  Purchasing a pair of winter boots not only will keep your feet warm, but also dry.
  3. Universal Power Adapter (120 to 220 volts) – Choose an adapter that has multiple detachments as the power source can vary depending on your accommodations.
  4. Clothes (Hats, Mittens, Pajamas, and Leggings) – Choosing clothes that are flannel, long-sleeve, and insulate: this will assist with layering versatility and comfort.
  5. Hand Soap – Some of the bathrooms in Korea have soap on a stick as the only options for hand soap.  Bring your own if you’re conscious of germs and don’t want to use the public option.
  6. Backpack – I have included this option because the most popular method of transportation is subway travel.  Not only will you be walking up and down stairs, but you will also be in crowded and confined spaces. The best place to keep your belongings (camera, laptop, passport, etc.) safe and secure is in a zipped compartment.
  7. Laundry Bag – This is handy to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes.  In addition, if your hotel accommodations have a laundry room than it’s easier to carry than a suitcase.
  8. Hanging Travel Accessories Bag – Keep your personal items all in one easy and convenient location.  *Free of clutter and save space on your desk, nightstand or bathroom sink.
  9. Sturdy travel umbrella – The wind and the rain can really be fierce during the winter in South Korea having a sturdy umbrella helps with the elements.
  10. Medicine – I have been told that medicine in Korea is fairly inexpensive.  However, bringing your own antacids, allergy medicine, and prescriptions will save you the trouble of trying to figure out the correct dosage and usage.  *Most medicine at the local convenience store may be written in Hangul without English translations.

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Have any winter packing tips to add?  Let me know in the comments!

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