South Korea Winter Packing Tips

10 Useful Things To Pack For Winter In South Korea South Korea has a lot of things to do during the Winter.  Whether you visit tourist attractions like the Garden of Morning Calm, La Petite France or Christmas shopping in Myeongdong.  If you’re visiting South Korea more than likely your stay will be a week or longer. I have compiled a list of useful things … Continue reading South Korea Winter Packing Tips

K-town food tour, Avital food tour, The Prince Restaurant Entrance, Los Angeles

K-Town Food Tour Review

Avital Food Tour: Koreatown I decided to go to a Korean food tour for two reasons; I could visit new restaurants and meet new people who loved Korean food.  I booked Avital Tours after a quick google search of Korean food tours in Los Angeles. I choose Avital because they make exceptions for food allergies (I have a shellfish allergy) and I could learn more … Continue reading K-Town Food Tour Review

Digital Marketing: Small Business Strategy​

Asian Small Business Expo Key Takeaways Creating a digital marketing strategy is key for any business success.  It’s even more important for small businesses who have fewer resources to optimize their digital presence.  The question becomes how do you effectively utilize social media to reach your target audience. The Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program mission is to assist small business specifically within the Korean, … Continue reading Digital Marketing: Small Business Strategy​