Pinterest Usage For Startups and Bloggers

Pinterest Usage For Startups And Bloggers

5 Ways to Use Pinterest For Your Blog Or Startup

I first came across Pinterest platform because I read on a blog post how you can drive a massive amount of traffic.  Bloggers and small business owners are using Pinterest to build an audience.  I wondered if this was just another method to sell an e-course or if using the platform really works.

Down the rabbit hole, I went researching the search engine to see if I could achieve a similar result.

I opened my Pinterest account in March of this year.  To date, I have over two thousand followers, and over 150,000 monthly page views.  I decided I would write this blog post for other bloggers and small business owners who have not yet made the decision to use Pinterest.

I know there are many responsibilities, as a small business owner, that you don’t believe you can add on another task.  If I’m being honest that’s exactly how I feel about Instagram.  To think of learning about Instagram pods, stories, and IGTV is a little overwhelming right now.  So I’ve decided I’ll learn more about Instagram later this year.

However, I was able to quickly learn how to use Pinterest.  I learned it’s so much more than DIY and recipes.  Here are my top reasons why you should join Pinterest and use it for your blog or small business.

Learn blog and/or business techniques

Recently, I’ve been changing Korean Convenience layout.  After, hearing so much about Yoast SEO, I finally decided to invest and install the plug-in.  Once installed, however, there’s so much to learn.  How to write meta descriptions, keyword snippets, and URL shortcuts.

I’ve decided to take each task step-by-step and it makes it so much easier.  Pinterest is a platform where bloggers regularly post reviews.  You can bet if you’ve to learn it another blogger has already journeyed through the same process.  This is great for those of us who can’t hire a developer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking you could look online and find any Youtube video.  I don’t know about you but that comes with a tempting distraction to watch recently uploaded videos.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, you can find specific step-by-step instructions.  Whether it’s for WordPress or Blogger, you can find a pin with instructions on how to accomplish every task.

Researching these ideas saves time and money.  I don’t have to figure out what social media plug-in I should use, conferences to attend, or what opt-in I should create all of the information is already pinned.  It’s just a quick search away.

Pin Point Your Audience

A feature of the Pinterest business account is having access to your Pinterest analytics.  Your Pinterest analytics is broken into three categories.  The three categories are your Pinterest profile, your audience, and activity from your account.

I won’t go into detail about the breakdown of understanding analytics, there are already some really great posts on that topic.  However, the main components of this tab are the audience demographics and interests.

*Side note ~ I’ve early access to a Pinterest “Audience Insights tab.”  The insights tab provides audience information for the last 30 days such as gender, age, location (city and countries) and device used.  This is an added bonus for bloggers and small business owners who want to find the best methods to reach their audience.*

After pinning for a month I was able to obtain additional interest my audience also pinned.  I know that my readers are interested in South Korea, and other SouthEast Asia destinations.  If I want to broaden my audience reach beside travel related topics I need to know their other interests.

Pinterest analytics provided information on what other interest pinners searched for while on their platform.  I learned that food recipes are the second requested search after travel destinations.

This information provided assistance with creating additional boards, and gain more followers.  In addition, I wrote a blog post where I described my first experience walking into a Korean grocery store and being completely overwhelmed.  If you want to read about visiting my first Korean grocery story check out that blog posts here.

Discover Communities

Since joining Pinterest, I’ve joined over 50 different Facebook groups.  It may seem far-fetched, but before joining Pinterest, I never heard of Travel Massive or Female Travel Bloggers.  Sure I knew of large corporations like Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Travel + Leisure.  These companies, however, seem unreachable to a blogger who doesn’t have thousands of followers.

I stilled needed to find platforms to connect with people.  The easiest way to do this is the search function on the Pinterest platform.  Type in any topic and it seems as though there’s a board that someone has already created.  I can follow them and I am able to see their interest and connections.

In addition, to finding other like-minded individuals, I can read how top bloggers, startups and other social media gurus market and promote their work.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how to effectively write a call to action, promote and launch a product, read their pins descriptions.  *Also if you’re an active user on Instagram check out their hashtags targets.

Create A Visual Travel Bucketlist

The Pinterest corporation original idea of “Discovering recipes, home ideas, style inspiration, and other ideas to try” still holds true.

I plan on returning to South Korea to live and work full-time as a small business owner.  While I live in Korea I want to visit other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan.  It’s great to be able to read other travelers stories about the best restaurants, accommodations, and places to visit.

Drive Traffic

As bloggers and small business owner’s organic traffic is what we read about, dream about and take courses on.  Since I’m in the startup stages of creating a small business I don’t have the capital to sustain paid campaigns on Google and Facebook.

Yet, I still need to find ways to connect with readers and other bloggers who are interested in travel and startup advice.  Being able to create a variety of different boards I can find readers who are interested in South Korea and the United States.

Overall Impression

Five months into using the Pinterest platform and I can honestly say that it does drive traffic to your blog.  It has been worth the time and effort of learning Pinterest and the scheduling software Tailwind.  I’m looking forward to further expanding my readership and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs.

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If you want more information about Travel Massive check out their website at Travel Massive.  Additionally, if you want more information about Female Travel Bloggers to check out their Facebook page.

Stay connected with Korean Convenience on Pinterest @koreanconvenience 

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