Joining Travel Forums Time Well Spent

Joining Travel Forums: Time Well Spent?

Finding The Right Balance Writing On Travel Forums

Recently, I started writing reviews of restaurants and places I visit on TripAdvisor.  I started writing these reviews because I wanted to get better at writing reviews that included hotels, restaurants and join their travel forums.  After all, a travel review describes a location, gives information on what to wear, what to pack, associated costs, and so on.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it is very similar to writing a travel blog.  I believe the only difference is that travel blogs provide more detailed information because you’re not limited to a set of characters and your readers are able to gain a deeper insight into your travel experience.

I came across a blog post written on JeffSetter titled: “Does Trip Advisor Help or Hurt Your Travel Blog?”  It was something that I too have asked myself since I first started writing reviews.  So much advice is out there that it’s hard to judge what is good advice and what is bad advice.  What’s relevant and what’s outdated?  With so many recent algorithm changes and updates on various social platforms, content can become quickly outdated.

I’ve read blog posts that encourage joining travel forms (other forms include Google+, Reddit, Yelp, and so many more) and other posts that suggest you shouldn’t write for free.  Who should you listen to, and how do you find the time to do it all when you already have so much to do as a blogger.  I gained an unexpected insight after I began writing reviews.  Here’s what I learned…


First, a little history in case you haven’t heard of TripAdvisor.  Here are some of the statistics that the company shares on its website: that it’s the largest travel community in the world.  The company has over 450 million unique visitors every month and is available in over 28 languages.

TripAdvisor: Travel Forum

One of the main reasons to become a reviewer is to connect with the global community of fellow travelers on TripAdvisor travel forum.  It’s a great way to assist other travelers with questions, and also to receive advice on places that you plan on visiting.

How To Become A Reviewer

If you’re looking for more information about how to become a contributor to TripAdvisor check out their website at  On the right-hand side of their main menu screen, there’s a “Join” button.  Click on the button and fill out the account/profile settings information questionnaire.  Next, you will be asked to select all of the cities and countries you have visited.  After you’ve completed your selections you’re ready to start writing reviews.

An Unexpected Revelation

After selecting all of the cities that I’ve been I realized how much and how little I have traveled.  To date, I have accumulated over 39,500 miles. Most of which have taken place within the United States to places such as Nevada (Las Vegas anyone), Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, and New York.  I’m not including the staycations up and down the California coastline.

However, looking at the cities on the map that I’ve visited, I realized that I’ve not been to nearly as many places as I would like located in SouthEast Asia.  I’m not counting my layover in Japan, because I didn’t leave the airport.  Since I started my blog I’ve since learned how to maximize a layover and I’ll plan more activities next time around.

What my pin dots on my travel map shows about my travels is that I’ve gone on some really wonderful trips.  Whether it was on a wine/spa tour in Santa Barbara with my sisters or a bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  My love for travel didn’t begin when I started writing this blog, my love for travel started a long time ago.  I’ve always visited botanic gardens, museums, and theme parks it’s just now I’ve decided to share my journey.

My travel map has also made me realize that a lot of the trips that I went on were planned by someone else.  I am not a bargain hunter, travel hack blogger yet, but it’s still early in my journey and I’m sure I’ll learn more along the way.

Review Tips

With over 20,000 readers who have read my reviews so far some of my best tips include: travelers want reviews to include the best transportation methods.  In addition, they want information on wi-fi capabilities, traveling costs, and nearby attractions to maximize their vacation plans.

Key Takeaways

After reading the blog post on JeffSetter and my recent update to my homepage I have learned that you never really know what the outcome will be when you begin a new undertaking.  Sometimes you can spend all day installing and activating new software on your website only to find out that you missed an initial step and have to start all over again.

Going forward I’ll work on finding a balance with time management.  I need to find a balance between working on my travel blog, freelance writing, and starting a small business.

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